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My Top Favourite F2P (Free to Play) MMORPG Games

Updated on February 11, 2012
Zakmoonbeam profile image

Michael has been an avid gamer and part time writer in more decades than he cares to remember.

Massively Multi-Player Gaming for Free?

Massively multi-player online role playing games are expensive. First you have to buy the game, then maybe another $10 plus per month, then expansions and so on. Its costs a fortune, and it's a long term investment. Many of us have had the bitterness of our favorite game going belly up after a few months, or maybe a year. All that money wasted, and what if you tried it and didn't like it? Free to play (F2P) takes away the risk to you. Of course there remains a chance that games get canceled, but of course the cash invested in minimal.

And please don't think that free means poor quality, or rip offs of other, more famous games like Warcraft. There are some surprises in here, and all of these games are truly original in one way or another. Of course, they have to make some money, so vanity items and the suchlike are available for cash.

So here comes my Top picks for F2P MMORPG Games.

Allods Online

Allods online is a strange one. Awesome graphics in my opinion, great animation, and a nice feel to it. Its almost a WoW clone in terms of how it looks. There is a large choice of character types from 2 different warring factions, and the design of each type is really inspired, although following the industry standards of tank, ranged DPS, melee DPS, healer etc. The story is not your typical fantasy fare mind you, with talk of Astral Ships floating around the sky, and players have the chance to actually manufacture one of these!

People have commented that it does become a bit of a grind, but it does have Gibberlings to relive the boredom and recent patches have reduced some of the stress involved. It's well worth a look right now!

Runes of Magic

To my mind a lot more realistic looking than Allods, this game has a huge amount more content. 8 classes to chose from, a dual class system allows you to mix and match to create new possibilities. The only drawback is the lack of races to choose from. But there is player housing, lots of pets and mounts, and a great (and large) community.

It even has a gardening system to grow stuff for crafting !

This game has so much to do, you deserve to give it a go

Everquest 2

Despite Sony's recent hack, I feel there online services have been reliable for years, and I am sure that they will learn by whatever mistakes they have made along the way.

So, with that said the new Extended service brings F2P to this extremely well established and polished MMO. Huge amounts of content is available, this game has been going for years.

There are however some harsh restrictions on character creation. Many are closed off unless you pay a little, only 8 choices of arch-type out of 24, no good or evil chars, only neutral, which means no dwarves or elves.

The graphics in places are starting to show their age, and there are lots of kill x number of things to get y, but there IS a lot of free content, the stories are good and it plays very nicely with smooth animation and no lag.

Champions Online

Champions online is an action packed online RPG for the PC with the theme of costumed crimefighters, or superheroes.

It is based on a pen and paper role playing game. Originally a pay to play title, like so many others recently the developers, Cryptic Studios, have chosen to use the free to play (F2P) model and use microtransactions for custome upgrades and perks.

It became F2P on the 25th January 2011. So in other words, you are getting a top grade online PC action RPG game for absolutely nothing upfront costwise. How awesome is that?

Lord of the Rings Online

Wow, this is the big daddy of F2P games at the moment. As I was a previous subscriber, all the expansions I had were carried over to the F2P model, so if this is the case with you, you will have access to the 2 other classes available, and whatever extra content you had.

You have the opportunity here to earn the coins you need to purchase extra content, although it often takes the form of exploration or grinding.

There is simply so much to do in this game, but if its PVP your after look elsewhere. Graphically I find it beautiful, although the animation is a little stilted on occasion.

But it's Tolkien, what more is there to say, its an awesome tale that weaves you in and out of the major parts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy of books and you get to meet so many of the characters its unreal. Do it now and have a ball!

Star Trek Online

Launched as F2P in January 2012, this is another "A grade" MMO that has adopted the F2P model. It's a massively expansive game, with both ship to ship and land based combat, great PVP (player Vs player), amazing graphics and brilliant sound!

I have been playing non stop since the free to play launch, and the games really is great fun if you like your Star Trek! Non fans may still find something to love, but being a trekkie will definitely help.

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    • kd4rvb profile image

      kd4rvb 6 years ago from Titusville, FL

      Being a proponent of Free to Play, I found your choices compelling and well thought out, I guess the fact I play all of your faves helps a great deal. Nice hub!

    • froch profile image

      froch 6 years ago from Tychy

      Very useful hub. It is sad that my computer will not upkeep LOTR online :/

    • Veneficus333 profile image

      Veneficus333 6 years ago from United States

      Nice list. Personally I would have put Dungeons and Dragons Online on the list, but that's just my preference. It's a bit different than most mmo's, and probably not to everyone's liking. Also, I just heard that Age of Conan is going to try a free to play model.

    • Zakmoonbeam profile image

      Michael Murchie 6 years ago from Parts Unknown

      I am really enjoying the exploration side to be honest, love it!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting

    • My SciFi Life profile image

      My SciFi Life 6 years ago from London, UK

      thanks for the list. I'm a Guildwars fan (and have been waiting ages for Guildwars2) but have been thinking about giving Lord of the Rings a whirl ... I'll definitely do so now.