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FFXIV: Law Equipment and Upgrading

Updated on July 13, 2015

Obtaining Law

Hitting level 60 gives a wonderful sense of relief. But now you're tasked with getting Law armor and weapons to replace the dungeon gotten armor or perhaps even crafted armor. The currency to get Law items, which is Tomestones of Law, are quite easy to obtain.

Not only do you get awarded Tomestones of Law by completing the level 60 dungeons and trials, but also as a once a day bonus from the following Duty Roulettes:
High Level
Low Level

I cannot stress this enough, do your daily roulettes. The bonus from doing them adds up quickly and that means less dungeon running. This is double important for DPS as the queues for DPS jobs can be excruciatingly long. Tanks and healers, not so much. All 3 will benefit from daily roulettes. The bonuses reset at 3pm server time.

If you're lucky enough you can also get a new player to the dungeon which awards bonus Law at the end of the dungeon. Another way of earning Law, although you only get awarded very low amounts, is by participating in Hunts. 10 Law for A Ranks and 30 Law for S Ranks.

Purchasing Law Armor

To purchase the armor, weapons and accessories, head to Idyllshire. The merchant that sells these items is Hismena, located at (x5 by y5). To upgrade, head to (x6 by y7) and have a chat to Seika.
All weapons, apart from Paladin, cost 570 Tomestones of Law. Paladin's sword costs 400 Law, while their shield costs 170 Law.

Head, hands and feet all cost 285 Law

Body and legs cost 475 Law

Belt and accessories cost 215 Law.

Since belt and accessories are the cheapest, you can go for them first. A good rule of thumb for me when getting new gear is to replace my lowest level armor or accessory first. You'll get a bigger increase in stats by replacing old gear rather than replacing gear close to the stats of the new gear.

If anything, get a ring first and upgrade that ASAP. Means you can get the second ring and be able to equip right away.

Centurio Seals

Upgrading and Centurio Seals

To upgrade, you need another type of currency called Centurio Seals. These are obtained by participating in Hunts as well as visiting the Clan Hunt Board. The Hunt Board gives out a daily bill of mobs to find and hunt down. It also gives a weekly where you must find a B rank monster to hunt. This is the only time you should be fighting B ranks is for the weekly. Out of that weekly hunt, they offer no other rewards.

The Hunt Board is located in the Foundation of Ishgard right next to the entrance to the Forgotten Knight. You will also need to do a couple of quests to open up the Board though that is well worth doing in itself for the experience points(if you're still leveling). The only ways to get Centurio Seals, at this point, is by killing A and S rank hunt mobs and doing your daily hunt board bills.
There are two different amounts depending on which area you fight the hunt in.
A Realm Reborn areas offer 15 seals for A ranks, 30 for S ranks.
Heavensward areas offer 40 seals for A ranks and 100 for S ranks.

Exchanging seals for the items needed to upgrade, head into the Forgotten Knight and talk to Ardolain. You want to click on the Exchange Centurio Seals(advanced) which brings you to the items you can purchase.

Doman Whetstone is used for upgrading weapons. The cost is 395 Seals.
Doman Urushi is used for the armor - head, body, hands, legs and feet.
Raw Doman Urushi is used for the belt and accessories.

Accumulating the Currencies

To quickly accumulate these currencies, be sure you do your daily roulette's. You must be level 60 and on a level 60 to obtain the tomestones. Then you just run through level 60 dungeons and hope for a newbie so you can nab that bonus.

For seals, you want to join Hunt linkshells. These are full of people shouting locations of hunts that have spawned. Joining hunt and scout parties are also highly recommended because if you're in a party, it's easier to get full credit and there is a chance that your party finds the mob first. Giving you more time to get there, depending on the day.

I won't lie. Hunts can be awful and they can be fun. All depends on the time. On my server, I hunt during the afternoon. No drama, people wait, it's awesome. At night, it's just a toxic and nasty time to be trying to get seals.

When it's time to actually upgrade, upgrade the ring first. Because they're classed as unique, you can only wear one. Upgrading the first and buying a second allows you to wear both as it's technically two different rings.

Once you're decked out in Law gear, upgraded or not, you can take on the Alexander Normal raid which has an item level of 170 to enter. And you'll be able to join parties that set their ilvl as being 170 and upwards.

Good luck, have fun and don't get to stressed doing those hunts!

Law Armor, dyed pure white


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