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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team guide for building the BEST team possible FUT

Updated on February 6, 2013


This guide is going to talk about ways that you can build the best team possibly. With how to get a 5 star team, OR how to build a perfect chemistry team. I will talk about ways to get better cards, how to get packs, and what ways to progress in the game as far as possible for any skill level.

Before I continue keep in mind that you can follow me on Twitter @johnrr631992 or to know about the LATEST in games coming out whether it be FIFA, Madden, NHL, NBA, Call of Duty, Halo, and many other games. I post the guides as I write them on twitter, or you can go to the top and click on my name to see my other guides that have been posted.

Also you can contact me via Xbox Live at -- MKS JohnR -- . space between the two.. I will answer questions, and try to give my assistance as needed.

How to set your goals.

So when you are going to play ultimate team your end goal should be to have a 5 star team with very good chemistry. While that is your goal, it is not going to be achievable overnight. Unless you are going to put a LOT of money into your team, then it will take a great deal of effort to get to that end goal. With that being said I will talk about ways that you can build that team by a good amount of effort.

First thing to look into is the Season Ticket from EA Sports. With that you will be given 24 Gold packs of cards which in itself will pay for more than the value of the Season Ticket. With that being said I have a couple guides talking about whether its worth it, and if you will buy the other EA Sports games, then yes it is, BUT if you are not going to buy any other games, then it is probably not worth spending the money.

If you are not going to buy the Season Ticket, then have no fear, there is still PLENTY of room for you to build that perfect team, you will just have to make up for some lost effort.

So first off, start small, and don't shoot for all gold cards in the beginning. In my initial Ultimate Team guide I talked about buying silver, and bronze packs initially to build up a better team than you currently have, and taking it slowly. Your goal should be to focus on winning games early on, and when you do earn gold packs, use some players, but send the rest to the auction house to make profits. So first let me talk about what a perfect team is made up of.

What is a team made up of.

A perfect team in FIFA 13 is made up of two things.. Good chemistry, and 5 stars. In that you should focus on having both. So lets talk about the best way to get both.

Initially you will buy gold packs, and you will get packs of cards to try to make money, and to attempt to get contracts, and other necessities that you need. BUT in the end, you will be buying your ultimate team like every other person. I don't know of many, if any people who get a perfect chemistry team, and a 5 star rating that they made out of receiving packs of cards, UNLESS you literally buy 100 gold packs if not more. So with that once you start making good money, you should choose how you want to build your team. Players build chemistry, if they are from the same geographic location OR if they are the same Nationality. With that you should focus on building your team around one of those. You should maybe choose a couple players you really like, or very good players you have, and attempt to build your team around them. This will be your goal to ensure that you have the best team possible.

My First FIFA 13 video haha

Getting the players.

When you are going to focus on getting players, as said above you will want to use the auction house, as opposed to attempting to build a team based off card packs. in the beginning this will be necessary for you, so that you can generate money, and so that you can get the necessary consumable cards that you will need when using your players. BUT after you generate decent amounts of money from playing games, then you should start to focus on aiming instead at buying card packs, but building your team.

As I said above, you should either choose a player you really like, or the best players on your team, and build your team around them. Your goal should be that you build your chemistry between the players over anything else. As time goes on you will need the chemistry to be as best as you can make it for your team to perform well together. That comes right down to the coach you have.

Chances are that the 5 star rating will come over time if you are building the best chemistry possible. When you start to build your team, remember to filter your auction results preferably on club, or nationality, and keep it the same.

As also said above, in the beginning focus on building a normal team. Worry more about just winning games, getting coins, buying packs, so that you can make more money over time. Also keep in mind the difficulty of making money on the auction house with the VAST number of auctions listed. This should remind you that you should be smart about your listings, and be smart about the card packs you buy.


Overall your goal should be to have a 5 star rating, and perfect chemistry. Remember that this will take a LOT of work, and will not be easy, BUT over time you will learn the tips and tricks, and you should have no problem making that team as long as you play smart.

If you have any questions, or comments, leave them below. Thanks for reading.


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    • profile image

      qazmoqwerty 3 years ago

      i am making a munchester united team (rooney is nice and cheap this year) and the whole club is worth 200,000.

    • profile image

      am 5 years ago

      i have perfect chem 100, but only 4.5 (80) rating, how do i get my rating up? plus my players are mostly 80s but a few high 70s so how would i change tht but still keep perfect chem and not make my rating go down. i have mostly French players and more than half are from the Premier League.

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Yah I would say go for the player itself if that's who you want.. Because there is never a guarantee that you will get the players you want by buying a whole bunch of packs.

    • profile image

      Artur 5 years ago

      i have a 5stars and 100 chem team, just with 3 days of playing, nut i want some good players, like boateng, should i buy him for 20000 coins or should i buy som golden packs.... i bought just 1 ultimate gold pack and it gave me nothing

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      @Toby.. What do you need help with.

    • profile image

      toby 5 years ago

      can somebody help me with my fifa 13 ultimate team . Thank You