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FIFA 14 Tips for Improving Skill and Winning Games

Updated on October 4, 2013


In this guide I will tell you guys some tips to increase your skill when playing FIFA 14. I will teach you tricks to do, and ho to better yourself when playing opponents to give yourself the best chances at winning.

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Tips on How to Increase Skill

When you are going to look at how to become better at FIFA 14 there are some tips you should follow.

First.. Use the skill challenges the game provides. Mastering all of the skill games that are on the home screen will give you the basic fundamentals of playing FIFA 14. Not to mention that some of these get pretty tricky, and will also teach you new tricks when trying to play FIFA. I use the skill games on each of the FIFA games in order to learn the new tricks and techniques EA Sports puts into the game. I think this is a great way to get familiar with the game, and to give yourself a better chance when playing an opponent.

Another tip is to play against the CPU.. Before attempting to play online against people that may have more experience than you, and discourage you from playing I HIGHLY suggest learning the basics by playing the computer. Start on an easy difficult until you get used to the game, and then from there you can slowly increase the difficulty. I would suggest being able to play on a medium difficulty and able to win before you attempt playing online.

Using Ultimate Team.. Ultimate Team is one of the most popular game modes, which I have written a guide on as you can see in the links below, and will also help increase your skill. I am not going to talk about how to play ultimate team here, but will talk about how you can use this to increase your skill. When you go to ultimate team and make your team, play against the CPU here as well. Doing the weekly challenges, solo seasons, and solo tournaments will allow you to increase your skill, and give you the knowledge to play against other players.

Overall I would suggest playing the computer, and using the tools EA Sports provides to better yourself to play online opponents. For some reason I tend to get stuck playing against people are usually better than me, and by going to the skill challenges I have been able to increase my own skill enough to be able to compete against other online players. Below I will talk about some online tips to help you succeed.

Tips for Playing In Game

Here I will talk about some tips for you to use when playing in game to help you win when playing an opponent. I will talk about things to do and what not to do throughout this section.

FIRST.. Do Not CONSTANTLY Slide Tackle. Slide Tackling does have its advantages, BUT I have seen so many beginner players use this as their only way of getting a ball back, usually end the first half with at least 1 red card, and a number of yellow cards. Slide tackling can be useful, and should be practiced on the CPU before trying to bring this into an online game. Players who are experienced know how to keep the ball away from a slide tackle, not to mention know how to get rid of the ball against a slide tackling opponent to build up the yellow/red cards.

SECOND.. Changing the play style in game. When the game starts use the left and right on the D-Pad to change the play style. I usually suggest switching to Ultra-Attacking/Attacking until I score my first goal, or couple of goals. Then I will switch to defensive to try to prevent goals. Overall using this will change the positions of players on corner kicks, and will help you have the advantage depending on what you are trying to do.

Changing the formation.. When you join a game I would suggest using the basic formation the game suggests, BUT if you get into a game, and you know your opponent is going to have a better team than you, than I suggest you "Park the Bus" or set up a 5 guy back defense. Now this is not practical for scoring, but if you have a level 65 team, and your opponent is an 85 playing a defensive style will be crucial to prevent him from constantly scoring.

Using the Lead pass.. Using the leading pass is one of my biggest tips. While passing and taking your time up the field is equally important, learning the tricks with leading passes can easily get you open, catch your opponent off guard, and allow you to score easier. Using the Left bumper with the leading pass button will allow an aerial leading pass. This is also beneficial as when a player is on their side of the field, they may react the right way, and catch the opponents defense the right way, and give you a very good chance at scoring with just you and the goalie. I typically try to abuse this pass when playing certain teams, ESPECIALLY if they are setup in an attacking mode.

Using the CROSS. Crossing the ball from either side does not give you a better chance at scoring, but typically you can get a cross off easier than walking the ball into the opponents box. I suggest crossing plays because while they may not work every time, they will work eventually and will usually give you a goal here and there. As I said this is not a guaranteed goal, but a good opportunity for you to attempt a goal, rather than walking the ball into the box and losing it. Another good point of bring the ball over for a corner is the off chance that your opponent comes over to retrieve the ball in which a good portion of the time he will kick the ball out of bounds also giving you a free corner kick.

My Own FIFA Footage


Overall following those tips should get you a better chance at winning games. If you have your own suggestions please feel free to comment below, and if you enjoyed the video don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel as I will constantly post new videos here with tips and tutorials.


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