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FREE GOLD - A player's guide to becoming a World of Warcraft Gold Goblin

Updated on January 29, 2013
All rights to this image go to Blizzard Entertainment
All rights to this image go to Blizzard Entertainment | Source

Starter Professions

As a new player, or an experienced player who wants to generate more gold.

Choosing a profession in the game can be a rather treacherous slope to climb. I have broken the professions on World of Warcraft, into 2 groups:

Money Making:






Money Spending:

Jewel Crafting

Black Smithing







Do not be alarmed by the Money Spending title I have chosen for the various crafting professions.

The Money Spending professions are key in my element to making large quantities of gold, but aren't necessary for what I call the Base amount.

The Base amount is the amount of gold you will need to work to, to perform at your highest standard of gold making.

In this short narrative, I will explain step by step, what you will need to succeed to your Base amount of 1000 gold.

Whether you are leveling a new character, or on a character you have already made, this technique allows you to make the base amount at any level.

Step 1 Base Amount Technique:

Start by choosing any of the Money Making Professions

Personally I am naturally a lazy person.

I like to choose gathering professions that are convenient. Skinning and Herbalism have come to be my top two choices for when I make a server migrate to test gold making schemes.

Though Mining, and Herbalism tend to make money a tad faster.

For mining, you will need a black smithing hammer, and a mining pick.

Herbalism requires no, additional tools.

Skinning requires a skinning knife.

Fishing of course requires a fishing pole.


So whether you grab a pick, or put on your gardening gloves the lot are essentially the same.

You will spend your time leveling, and gathering. Remember your goal is 1000g. This does not mean you need to sweat yourself at every purchase you have to make. Keep your gathering gold separate from your gold you make from quests and leveling.

Step 2 Tab Making:

Tab Making is essential to making large quantities of gold.

You need to keep tabs on every bit of gold that goes in and comes out of your bank account. Now you can do this one of two ways, you can get a few mods, or even a pen and paper will help you keep tabs on what you spend and what you make.

For Instance. Billy the druid, sells 20 copper ore and profits 100% at 20 gold.

He also sells 20 light leather at 100% profit at 30 gold.

His Profit, from his day is 50 gold.

Keeping a tab on the money you receive and spend allows you to set profit margins and expected sale prices. Later you will understand this in greater detail when you are making 3500-8500 gold a day.

Keeping tabs is a sure fire way to becoming a Gold Goblin.

(Optional Mods)

- Keeps track of your sales, as well as provides easier solutions for selling and buying materials.

Bagnon - Makes all your bags 1 big bag.

Postal - allows you to open all of your mail with a click of a button, it also keeps track of how much money you take in from auction house sales.

Step 3 Selling your materials:

So you have an amount of herbs, ore, skins, or fish. Pat yourself on the back, you are ready for the trip to the Auction House.

-Auction House etiquette:

You want to sell your herbs as the maximum price possible, but you want to make the price less than your competitors to make a sale. Undercutting, is unfortunately important to make this possible.

Example. Lenningrath has posted 1 stack of copper ore for 10 gold 20 silver and 30 copper, his stack of ore is the only stack of ore currently posted on the Auction House.

Undercutting etiquette, will allow you to sell your material first, but not drive the market price down. Your post of 1 stack of copper ore should undercut by silver only, never gold. Your price for your copper should be 10 gold 10 silver and 99 copper. This will list your stack as cheaper and will be bought first.

What to do if someone undercuts you by gold rather than silver. Never repost for an amount lower than your profit margin would allow.

You can repost for less, but it is not worth the time and effort it took to farm the material to make your sale sell first.

Stick to your first post until it falls off the auction house, calculate the cost of the auction house percentage and repost until it has sold or bank it for future sales or future use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have gathered ore and herbs, what do I do if it doesn't sell?

A: Simple Answer: Bank it. If you cannot sell an item because it is either not in demand or you just kept getting undercut. Do not worry, put it in your bank for future use.

Q: Should I smelt the ore I have gathered?

A: This early on, I would recommend that you not smelt your ore just bank it and save it for later. However if you notice that Copper bars are selling for more than the Market Price of Copper ore, you should consider that path. Generally they are going to stay equal in price.

Q: I have fish, Ore scraps and leather scraps, What do I do with it?

A: Early on, a player should simply vendor fish, Ore Scraps and Leather Scraps.

Scraps of course referring to left overs that cannot be put into a stack or converted to a higher quality material.

This concludes the first section of Becoming a Gold Goblin. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Please if you have any questions post them in the comment section below. I will answer them and post them on my next blog.

This is a generalized guide that will stay current with any patch or expansion pack.

I have updated a few things here. I will get to posting them soon. I still need more followers!


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    • Ashleign profile image

      Ashleign 5 years ago

      Thanks for your question, Corey.

      If you want to make a little bit of starter money, it's important you get out of the newbie area as fast as possible, but at the same time, you will want to make a little bit of silver. Be sure to at least level to level 4 or 5 before running off to the AH. This will put you at a few silver.

      Go find a skinning knife or a blacksmith hammer from a vendor. Post it on the Auction House for 1 gold or so. See if it gets picked up. Some people will pay a little extra to avoid going to vendor. If it is convenient, people will pay. Use that gold piece for a smart investment. Find something needed by enchanters or needed by Scribes, such as enchanting vellums or parchment. Sell it on the Auction House or in trade chat. More so Auction House rather than trade.

      Never fail to think outside the box, remember if it doesn't sell, bank it, and try again later. Use the 75% method of investment posted on some of my other blogs.

      Thanks for your comment question Corey.


    • Corey Robinson profile image

      Corey Robinson 5 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

      What if I want to make a new toon on a different server without transferring that toon to my new server?