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Facebook's MapleStory Adventures: Tips

Updated on September 29, 2012

Maplestory Adventures on Facebook

I'd say one of the most played games on Facebook that will get you hooked once you tried playing it. That is specially if you love magic, adventure, traveling, and to mention the graphics of the game, which lured me to try the game on the first place. I can't find the perfect word for it but it's just well made, makes me feel like I am on a magical land. :)

Anyway, I am not a game geek or anything, but here are some tips I had learned along while playing Facebook's MapleStory Adventures that hopefully you might find helpful.

The first time you completed a collection, just keep it in your bag and wait for a quest that might ask you to turn the collection in.

Such good example from me is when I was done in Perion and was already on Ellinia, so I turned all the collection that I got from killing all those Perion "stamps". And then, a quest showed up asking me to turn this collection in. So I thought, "if I only let the collection set in my bag for a while, all I have to do is turn it in. Now I have to travel back to Perion and do some kills to gather and complete the collection again."

Hire your friends before using your "returning hires."

This is a smart way to conserve your energy and wisely use both your number of hires and all your returning hires. Use all the friends you can hire, and if the message from Cygnus stating that "you have to wait before you can hire more friends," that's the time to use all your returning hires so you can have help while waiting some time for you to be able to hire more friends.

While waiting for new areas to be available on your current level, you might as well use the time to tame creatures to be your pet ( I refuse to call them monsters, as they are cute, except for those one-eyed on Ellinia of course.) So you would be taming a creature of your choice and at the same time you are leveling up.

I'm all to cuteness, so I choose cute creatures to tame as my pet. But another thing I consider on choosing is, the boxes and collection I would get from taming. Yes, magic stones are important, but for me, I also consider food ingredient, enchant ingredient, or ancient coins.

So when "Yulette The Witch" asked me for some cooking and I ran out of ingredients, I just go and open the boxes I had gathered from taming.

Turn in your collection you get from taming. When you see any of the items on your collection reached the number 50, turn it in so you have a space for more. It could either give you food, an item, magic stone, ancient coin, food or enchant ingredients.

Be aware of how many ancient coin, food, or enchant ingredient you have on your bag's "misc" section because the limit from all three is 999. When this limit was reached, a message will pop up that you had exceeded the limit. Go "home," start on cooking so you can have space for more.


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