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Failure to Launch: What Happened to the PS4 and Xbox One?

Updated on December 9, 2013

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The Red Ring of Death Returns

No one seems safe from the Red Ring of Death this year. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were rumored to have significant problems out of the box. These issues were only compounded by a joke infographic that compelled many individuals to brick their Xbox One while trying to play older games on it. Neither the PlayStation 4 nor the Xbox One seem to have won the stability battle this round, but many gamers are wondering exactly how bad the problem really is.

Who Won the Launch?

The war between Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 was a close one, but there were some clear winners in different arenas. Almost universally, the PlayStation 4 was found to be more powerful, with better graphics and a faster processing speed. This isn't surprising, as the basic components of the PS4 are superior. However, out of the box, the Xbox One has more games and its exclusives are more enjoyable. Interestingly, this more or less mirrors the launch of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

However, power means nothing if you can't run any games.
However, power means nothing if you can't run any games. | Source

How Bad Is It, Really?

Not very. Actually, the problem is really the anticipation. There were so many people camping out, bartering for and outright stealing these game consoles that anything beyond pure perfection would have been disappointing. Gamers were so excited about a new video game console and a new game experience that, as a group, any flaws were met with panic and overreaction. In fact, there's nothing to suggest that PlayStation 4 consoles and Xbox One consoles are breaking any more often than other electronics tend to do during launch.


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    • JG11Bravo profile image

      JG11Bravo 4 years ago

      I switched to Xbox 360 after the PS2 became obsolete, and now I'm headed back to the Sony camp. I'm waiting a bit on the PS4 (Never by a first production-run console,) but the launch day hype always has this result. Everyone scrambles for a new console without considering the bugs and lack of titles that new-gen consoles entail.

    • jkcki profile image

      Jenna Inouye 4 years ago from Norman, OK

      Last console generation, I invested in both of them. At first I preferred the 360 due to the increased library... and then my Xbox red ringed 3 times in a row. When I got sick of replacing it, I switched to the PS3 and never looked back. Never had a single problem with my PlayStation 3--it's still running like a champ and I use it every single day.

    • cuttler profile image

      Cuttler 4 years ago from HubPages

      Play station for me any time anywhere. Am still on the PS3 but an upgrade to ps4 is in the offing. Am just waiting for the dust to settle and for them to sort out the launch issues.