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Fallout 4 Theory: I don't believe Father is Shawn

Updated on April 6, 2017
Let's make sure everyone knows that Shaun is gone.
Let's make sure everyone knows that Shaun is gone.


Throughout the movie the main character is actively looking for his son. The same son he saw taken from his wife in the vault.

The death of his wife fueled his need to find his son.

Reason 1:

The people that have taken Shaun know the players name. They used the computers to take what they needed from the vault.

What do they need?

A test subject. This person is needed to be subjected to the experiments of the time.

Reason 2:

Baby Shaun could have died in childhood.

This is possible. There are not that many people alive in the new world. There should be many more living and rebuilding the area. Instead, people are few compared to what the population could have been.

Reason 3:

He tells everyone who will listen that he is looking for Shaun. This is fatal flaw. Everyone knows his goal. Keeping the goal a secret is not a factor in his logic.

Reason 4:

Anyone could claim to be Shaun.

The main character is so disparate to find his son he will believe anything.

Reason 5:

The main character believes that everyone is telling the truth. There has to be some that are not telling the full truth.

Reasons 6:

The robots can be reprogrammed. But, he believes his own robot when he says he has not seen Shaun.

- Many people in the game can be reprogram robots.

1) The Railroad. They do this to free the robots.

2) Settlers. Most don't have a story. But, they are seen using the workbench.

3) Synths. They can repair themselves. Nick does this to his hand.

This proves that any robot that talks to him could be programmed to tell him that Shaun is alive or dead.

Reason 7:

Even if the Railroad does know anything about the child they have their own agenda. This are not the people to ask to save a human child.

Helping the main character expectantly one that can kill so many will further their agenda.

Reason 8:

It is possible that the railroad might have seen the Shaun be taken. They use stealth and are not seen by the enemy.
They are only killed at their bases.

Reason 9:

The brotherhood does not care for finding Shaun. They want humanity to live and restore order to the commonwealth. There is no need to find a little boy.

They might be someone that could have killed Shaun before the game.

Reason 10:

There are so much time that has passed.

Reason 11:

I think Mama Murphy is working for the Institute. She is suppose to lead the characters to the vault if the vault does not unlock on time.

She is the one of the characters that are to set the main character on his or her quest.

The numbers of the group gets less and less each week. But, Mama Murphy is not the one to die.

She has a chem problem that gives her a background character problem that can not be solved by the main character.

Reason 12:

Deacon, the guy from the rail road mission give you a note to trust no one.

Reason 13:

When the main character is trying to find Shaun there is a boy that is suppose to be Shaun in memory. I think this is the synth boy that later is programmed to be Shaun.

The memory of the bad guy could have been changed to include Shaun in them because of the implant.

Reason 14:

All the memories of the Kellogg are fake. This is everything that is shown in the memory den to make sure that the main character feels a little sorry for the bad guy. But, he/she feels they should continue to press on with their journey.


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