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Fallout 4 and more

Updated on April 27, 2017

It felt so slow

Before the E3 this year everything felt so slow when it comes to announcements and releases not just with the games, but with the movies too, we were going nuts to see Dishonored 2, Doom, Fallout 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront.

Fallout 4

We knew this would happen at some point to another and there have been many rumors to the games some saying that it will be an online game others expecting a new Fallout 3 but no what we saw surely blew our minds and this is what we know for sure.

Fallout 4 takes place in Boston, from trailers and other sources the graphics looks bad but at E3 I can’t say I agree with this, sure graphics is nothing like Uncharted A Thief’s or any other game trying to showcase graphics but this is nothing as it looks much better than any of the other fallout games, the game self-haven't changed much from Fallout 3 and New Vegas, what I mean about this, they kept everything we love about Fallout and improved what we didn’t love, the wide open world looks amazing in texture detail this grabbed our attention over the detail of models this too is better than previous games yet not that much.

The gameplay seems the same, but the freedom of what the player wants to do is still there and at glimpse we can agree that there is finally a method of transportation long awaited by many we are not sure if you can fast travel, there is flying ships around and where the player is in one of them ready to fire at the vast open world ahead of him.

V.A.T.S has a comeback as well to slow down time during combat, we didn’t get to see the skill selection, though points added for strength and luck etc. still remains unchanged, we also see some of the old mutations coming back from the previous games including the behemoths that were never in New Vegas, they also seem slower and not much of a threat compared to the new Death Claws that is extremely well detailed and just looks scary, all of the new and old that returned, the creatures or well mutations are looking also very good not just the Death Claws.

We have a total of 50 weapons and over 700 modifications to them, this really adds a plus to the game as now any object or item you find in the game world you can use to make these modifications, so every item you find has a purpose now, yes Vault Tech bobble heads for collecting is also back in the game.

In fact, this is what grabbed our attention the most, sure all the modifications is good, but there is more to call new, talking about bobbleheads you can build their own showcase, talking about building you can go out and scavenge, raid for scrap and other goods not just build this showcase stand but also build

furniture yes furniture, this includes beds, chairs and much more and of course you can even build your own house or settlement, people will move into your new settlements and with that come more responsibility like growing crops, setting up your house or settlement means you need some type of security as these can get attacked by creatures and raiders so hooking up a power generator leading the cables to your light sources and even turrets.

The crafting looks straight forward, placing objects seen similar to The Forest and Stranded Deep and to make it all come alive other people will start living here and help you even traders and caravans that can be set up to move between your settlements.

We talked about weapon modifications, crafting and building, but what about power armor is that back? Yes, and it’s even more powerful than ever including its own modifications, type of armor and even paint jobs also new to Fallout the player self will have a layer input of armor.

What we saw at E3 we can clearly say this is Fallout made better, and what’s better than that? It was announced to be released November 10th this year you can even score a real Pip-boy if you’re getting Fallout 4 Pip-boy edition to work alongside you while playing.

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Fallout Shelter

Yet another fallout game for the I-phone, unlike Fallout 4 here you will be the overseer of your very own vault, where you will have to assign jobs to your dwellers, increase them and send them out on their very own adventure, this game is packed with gameplay and is really fun to play, you should check it out it's free, no internet connection is required either and only if you wanted you can buy loot but this really doesn’t impact the gameplay.


Alone in the Dark

Alone in the dark

Other games we want to mention


The game looks amazing and finally have good multiplayer game modes, when we saw this game, it looked like doom with a few changes besides from graphics, you now have the finishers, you know where enemies dies much faster shooting them than doing the finisher, we have well-known weapons again like the chainsaw and you can slow down time to quick select your next weapon.

Hordes of enemies, mm sounds very familiar, oh right Painkiller it looks much like painkiller with hordes of enemies and then a big boss at the end of that, though we don’t know anything about the story yet making it difficult to tell if this is going to be good or not with no doubt it will be but there is that small thought that renders the idea that this new Doom game won’t live up to the expectation pretty much like Diablo 3.

Alone In the Dark: Illumination

This game is out now and can be purchased, since the last Alone In the Dark this one shows major improvements a new story with old and new characters to play with, its dark and light will be your safest bet of course, with co-op mode up to four players that can play with any of the four characters the game isn’t very hard but very fun none the less, fighting these creatures of the dark is even better now that your playable characters each have their own unique way of fighting like specializing in heavy weaponry or play as the priest, maybe even the engineer, this is a game worth checking out.

Disappointment of the day

God of War

We might see a new game soon, but for now the only game you will get anytime soon is God of War 3 Remastered, we all know this game was good that really showed us the PS3 in action with great graphics and visuals, the Remastered version will also do just this, the only thing revealed to be new is running at 60 frames like a lot of other games and a picture mode where you can freeze to take an action shot.

Like said, this game was very fun, but didn’t last us more than 3-4 hours, the graphics were already well on the Ps3 it just isn’t worth buying this again especially with no extras unless you want to pay for the photo mode.

© 2015 Phillip Grobler


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