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Fallout New Vegas Survival Tips

Updated on November 2, 2010

Fallout New Vegas is all about surviving the wastelands around and inside Vegas itself. There will be many dangers that will lurk in the wastelands. These include animals, mysterious creatures, and factions that dislike you. Just like in Fallout 3, you need to find as many supplies as possible to survive. Scavenging the land is the only way to survive. Loot everything you can find. Look carefully. Move objects around to find supplies inside buildings and such...Of course, loot people you kill too. This guide will help you survive the wasteland.Depending on how you make your characters skills, the game difficulty will vary. Everybody's experience will be different, but this guide will include things that everyone should do. If your playing on hardcore then this is a must do!


Always loot dead bodies that you kill, or find. Some people may have ammo, guns, armor or other things that can be useful to you.

Pick up guns and ammo you already own. Even if you own them already, you can combine them to repair your current weapon so it does not break on you.

• Always search rooms carefully. Sometimes there may be good loot behind things. Move things around. Some things may not be in obvious places. You could find a shotgun buried behind desks, you never know.

Take animals hides and etc. Some creatures may have expensive hides that you can sell. For example, you could sell scorpion glands to make extra cash.(or caps)

Stealing can be beneficial. Depending on whether or not you want good or bad karma, you may or may not do this. Stealing from peoples houses can help you out a lot. They may have guns, ammo, and other good supplies. Just don't let them see you. Having a good sneak skill helps. Many times, its best to do it when there not home

Sell your unneeded items. No sense carrying around extra weight. Sell items you don't want or need to stores to make some extra caps.


Combat Efficiency tips

Don't waste bullets on weaker enemies such as small ants, bugs, and other easily taken down foes. Use melee weapons to kill them. If you waste your ammo on them, then you may find yourself in a bad situation when your fighting scavengers with guns or stronger enemies.

Use grenades to take down large groups close together. Instead of wasting ammo and possibly your health, throw grenades at large packs of enemies nearby each other. Save grenades, they can be handy in some situations.

Aim for the head on enemies. This will do more damage and save ammo. If your in V.A.T.S and find that there's a low chance of hitting them, then don't aim for the head. In most cases, you should always try to aim for the head though.

Make use of your iron sights. Fallout 3 did not allow use of iron sights, this game does, make sure you use them when enemies are far away. If your playing hardcore, accuracy may decrease if your not well rested and eating.

Always go into battle with full health when you can. It would be foolish to go into a battle with lower health, increasing your chance of getting killed. Use stimpacks before going in.

Don't always use stimpacks for health. There are other ways of getting health such as finding a bed or eating food. Stimpacks should only be used when in mid combat, before combat, or when alternatives are not found.

• Have a back up weapon! Ammo can be scare in fallout vegas. Make sure you have other weapons to use if you run out of ammo in combat. Always use your best weapon first, then use your others second

For example, you are using an assault rifle and run out of ammo in combat, switch to your next best weapon. In close range. the shotgun is a must.


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      Word 6 years ago

      True... Good advices mon...

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      fallout thug 7 years ago

      best fukn advice so far thanks bruh