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Fallout New Vegas Tips And Strategies

Updated on July 15, 2012

Fallout New Vegas is the follow up to the hugely successful game of the year for 2008 Fallout 3,if you are into role playing games like i am then you will not want to miss this one,yes it is a bit buggy and it is running on an outdated graphics engine but its the storyline and amount of hours play your interested in right?,Well this hub is here to help you explore the wastelands of the Mojave desert without getting into too much trouble,we all need help occasionally and with the enemies that are lurking in this game you are going to need some valuable tips and strategies if you are going to survive.Firstly if your looking for cheats,there are none to be found here,my personal feelings are that if you need to cheat then a role playing game isn't for you,whats the point of finishing a role playing game in a day because you had unlimited money or weapons.No this is purely some tips to help you survive the wasteland<good luck and enjoy.

Tip Number 1:Companions

Never ever unless absolutely necessary wander off into the Mojave desert or into strange deserted buildings without a companion,in fact the earlier in the game u can get a companion the better,i always travel with one and it helps me out a great deal when in fights,I'm currently at level 14 so I'm no slouch and i have some brilliant perks but i still need a helping hand every now and then and that is what my companion is for,plus he can carry some of my stuff.There are 8 companions for you to meet and to have tag along for the ride,you can only have 1 human and 1 robot at any one time though,the rest will wait at the strip for you should you wish to change companion.The first companion you are likely to meet is Boone who has a big grudge against caesars legion,he is the one i have had the most joy with because he can spot danger well before you can see it.


Tip Number 2: S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes

These are the attributes you get at the start of the game and stand for strength,perception,endurance,charisma,intelligence,agility and luck,now depending on how you want to play the game depends upon how many points you put into any of these skills,and also throughout the game when you level up there is a perk which will allow you to increase these points,i personally have a high Luck,high Endurance and High strength,this allows me to carry a lot more weight,be more effective with guns and suffer less damage in battle,not only this but the luck covers everything,it covers you in battle and it also helps you fleece the casinos dry,aolthough be wary because if you win the jackpot they ban you for life.Make sure you pick what is right for you at the start of the game.

Tip Number 3: Perks

There are too many perks for me to list without boring you,but suffice to say they can all be found on the Internet somewhere,all i will say is this,choose very carefully and read them properly as there are some that if you choose them early in the game it will give you a significant advantage later on in the game.

Tip Number 4: Too Many Enemies

Some enemies will attack you for no reason and that you can do nothing about but i will say do not make enemies with every faction in the game otherwise you are in for a rough ride.I know everyone wants to be evil but you can still do that without annoying other factions,i am pretty damn evil in this play through yet the only people that don't like me are caesars legion.Be warned!!

Tip Number 5: Stick To The Roads

If you do ignore my first tip and go off wandering the wastelands without a companion then stick to the roads,will you come across evil creatures,yes probably but not as many as if you go wandering off into the night across dried river beds on your own,that is just asking for trouble!

Tip Number 6: Loot,loot,loot

This is why you need your companion so he can carry all the crap your going to find,every body,bin,or locker you find,search it,loot it and take it.All this stuff will at some point save your life,wether it be food and drink to heal you or stimpacks or simply scrap metal that later on helps you make more ammo or a nice upgrade to your weapon.Loot away my friend.

Tip Number 7: Health

Remember every time you are ready to go into battle make sure you have plenty of stimpacks or doctors bags,it might sound silly but the amount of times i charged into a full on fight with huge scorpions then realised i had no stimpacks,secondly strip every animal you kill of its meat and make sure yo have plenty of Rad aways that way you can eat the meat to keep your health up and then take rad away to decrease the effects of radiation form that meat.

Tip Number 8: Save Your Game

Save your game regularly,the game saves for you but because the desert is so expansive it makes sense to save your game at midway points through any kind of travel or before going in somewhere which may get you killed,you can even use your custom saves to fleece the casinos for all their cash.


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    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      Thank u!!

    • SJKSJK profile image

      SJKSJK 7 years ago from delray beach, florida

      Love your hub. I love Las Vegas and your thoughts are very good.