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Parkour Meets Flash Gaming | Fancy Pants Adventures PC Game

Updated on November 19, 2009

Armor Games brings us a casual flash game that makes casual flash games look good. For too long, flash gaming has been the illegitimate and easy virtued sister of the PC gaming industry. Because of how easy it is to get into flash gaming, there are a myriad of silly, spotty and generally useless excuses for flash games floating around. Fancy Pants Adventures is not one of them.

Don't be fooled by the hand drawn charm, this sweet little game has content and mechanics worthy of a 'real' game. Fancy Pants Adventures sees you running through many Dr Zuess like levels, and unlike other scrolling platform games of its kind, it incorporates a kind of 'line rider' style physics in which your little stick man with the flowing hair can gain sufficient momentum to run around curves up to 180 degrees vertical and oftentimes beyond.

With all the aplomb of a parkour champ he can flip, fall and dive from almost anywhere and end up pretty much okay. Unless he falls into an abyss, in which case, he won't be okay.

Essentially, this game is a lot like line rider, but with some form of a point. It is challenging? Yes. Is it challenging because, like most flash games, the controls are broken? No. The control system is very smooth and enough attention has been paid to the underlying workings of the game to make the playing experience free and graceful.

Like life, success or failure largely depend on your timing. If you are flexible and go with the flow, you will do well. If you are prepared to adjust your plan at any moment, you will do well. If you are cautious and hesitant you will not have the momentum to survive the challenges of the Fancy Pants adventure.

Very few things in life actually are fun for all the family, but Fancy Pants Adventures is one of those rare gems which will appeal to most of the family, assuming that all the members of your family like playing games and that all of them have the necessary manual dexterity needed to operate a keyboard. Babies who still think that things have disappeared when they are hidden will not be good candidates for Fancy Pants Adventures. A good guide to tell whether or not this game is suitable for your child is the keyboard test. Does the child use the keyboard when it is presented with it, or does it try to eat it? The former indicates some measure of compatibility with the game, the latter suggests not.

Play Fancy Pants Adventures!


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    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Great addition, SimEnthusiast!

    • profile image

      SimEnthusiast 8 years ago

      Fancy Pants is a personal favorite game, and has been for years. I actually prefer it to most of the Sims games. Armor games has sequel called "Fancy Pants Adventure World 2" up on their website. I think the sequel is better, in the sense that it has more features, levels, and is more challenging, than the original.