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Far Cry 3 and Diagonal World

Updated on March 5, 2018

Is there a Diagonal World?

Far Cry 3 provided various dilemmas for players unsure what to make of dream-like situations and statements made about the diagonal world. This statement puzzled for various reasons.

The diagonal world has various meanings and connotations. In the world of writing diagonal world is a world where reality and fantasy coexist together. Various spots unravel unexpected mysteries and fantasy world.

The diagonal world is also part of a movement that emphasizes direct engagement. Diagonal approach to improving health issues involves taking resources from various sources and applying them where it is needed as vertical and horizontal approaches may not be entirely sufficient.

The diagonal world is also the world where the reality and what is ideal collide. This collision creates those who are victimized and those who are initiated. In Far Cry 3 Jason becomes Vaas. He is lost in his world. Their separation is part of creation as one is created out of the other. The division unveils the complexity of two elements. The two opposites make one and become inseparable. In the end, when two become one there is both loss and creation.

The diagonal world is a friction where two different entities collide. It is a dynamic state of affairs where changes occur. Diagonal world changes and in a sense makes impossible possible.

In Far Cry 3 the dream-like states that Jason experiences become part of the change. Jason has to become Vaas. Jason also represents certain conventions about the society. He upholds morals and beliefs. His views are based on various assumptions. This makes his world full of rules that also makes it more static. Vaas is the opposition to these beliefs. He is unconventional. His unpredictability, dangerous acts makes his world also more dynamic. These two worlds have to coexist. These two worlds also interact and collide. They are also inseparable.


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