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Far Cry 4 - Complete Trophy Guide

Updated on January 2, 2016

Platinum Trophy

  1. Master of Kyrat - Earn all trophies (50 in total, excluding this one).

Gold Trophies (2)

  1. Fully Loaded - Learn all of Ajay's skills
  2. The King is Dead - Finish the campaign mission "Dinner at the Palace"

Silver Trophies (10)

  1. One Down - Finish the campaign mission "City of Pain"
  2. Two Down - Finish the campaign mission "Shoot the Messenger"
  3. Hat Trick - Finish the campaign mission "Payback"
  4. The People's Champ - Reach rank 5 in the arena
  5. Community Surprise - Play a top rated map in the Map Browser
  6. Renaissance Man - Participate and finish one of each public match in Battles of Kyrat
  7. Re-writing History - Remove 30 propaganda posters
  8. End Transmission - Liberate 8 bell towers
  9. All Clear - Liberate all Outposts
  10. Changing Lanes - Perform a Vehicle Take-down from the passenger seat. (Co-op)

Bronze Trophies (38)

  1. Welcome to Kyrat - Obtained automatically after joining the Golden Path
  2. Overdose - Obtained after first completing a mission in Shangri-La
  3. Well-Rounded - Complete any 3 Hunting quests (Control, Supplies and Survival)
  4. Robin Hood - Hi-jack 3 Royal Cargo trucks
  5. Hand Of Justice- Eliminate 3 Pagan's Wrath convoys
    • Easily done with any sidearm shotgun. Get in a car and follow them, then keep shooting at the convoy.
  6. Defuser - Complete 3 Bomb Defusal quests
  7. Tread Lightly- Liberate any Outpost without triggering an alarm
    • If you're having a hard time liberating outposts undetected, purchase a sniper riffle with a high-powered scope and silencer. Keep your distance or hide in shrubs and keep shooting everyone. It's a cheap way but you'll go undetected this way as long as you keep your distance.
  8. No One Left Behind - Rescue 15 hostages from hostage quests
  9. Deliver Us From Evil - Liberate 12 Outposts
  10. Trigger-Man - Complete 3 "Assassinations" or "Eye for Eye quests
  11. Defender - Push back 3 enemy attacks from liberated Outposts
  12. Two Birds - Kill 2 enemies with a single rifle shot
  13. Quad Kill- Kill 4 enemies at the same time
    • Explosions are the only way you can get this. Grenades are hard, try using the C4 or land mine in an alarmed Outpost, usually that'll net you 3 and above kills if you set it up at an entrance that enemy reinforcements will use.
  14. Drive-By - Kill 25 enemies while riding a vehicle.
  15. Roadkill - Run over 25 people
  16. Flame On!- Kill 50 people with fire
    • Flamethrowers and Molotovs work just as good as the other, though personally I liked using the Flamethrower better cause of the ammo and range limitation for Molotovs.
  17. Reign Of Death- Kill 30 enemies with mortar rounds
    • Can only be done with those fixed rocket launchers at outposts. You can usually find them on top of houses, and are usually surrounded by sandbags.
  18. Tusker- Kill 30 enemies with an Elephant
    • Shanath Breeders is the recommended outpost for this. There's an elephant that will continuously spawn every time you start an Outpost Master quest. Plus this outpost isn't too heavily guarded even if you trip all of the alarms.
  19. Shutterbug - Tag 25 enemies with the camera
  20. Misdirection - Distract 15 enemies with rocks
  21. From A Distance- Kill an enemy from 60 meters or more with a bow
    • I recommend getting the Marksman's Sight for the Recurve Bow. You can judge the distance by relying on the 0-50, 80, 100, numbering on the sight. To know if you're far enough, use the waypoint on your map and mark the area where the enemy is and adjust the distance until you're at 60 or more.
    • I recommend doing this at the brick factory, since there are enemies on the roof, it makes the rough terrain a bit easier to use to your advantage since the mumps and hills won't get in your way.
  22. The Good Fight - Purchase any Guns for Hire upgrade and reach Karma level 2
  23. Well Read - Read 10 notes
  24. Quick Learner - Learn 10 of Ajay's skills
  25. Dr. Feelgood - Craft 10 syringes (any)
  26. Tricked Out - Craft 5 upgrades
  27. Caretaker Of Memory - Find 10 Lost Letters
  28. Right Tributes - Spin 10 Mani Wheels
  29. Exorcist - Destroy or Remove 15 Masks of Yalung
  30. The Rarest Game - Skin 3 animals from the Kyrat Fashion Week quests
  31. Fixer-Upper - Purchase 3 upgrades for the Ghale Homestead
  32. Custom-Fitted - Buy all attachments and a paint scheme (if the gun has 8, you need to purchase all of them) for a single weapon
  33. Make It Rain - Spend 500,000 Kyrat Rupees at the Trading Post
  34. Gear head - Complete 3 Kyrati Race or Survival
  35. The Sky Is Falling- Perform a Take-down from a Gyro-copter
    • I recommend you do this while Pagan is still in power cause it gets really annoying when there's only a handful of enemies around. The ideal target are the intel carriers or the cargo trucks, since they run from you instead of fighting you.
  36. Like A Bird- Fly 5000 meters in your wingsuit (cumulative)
    • The best way to get this trophy is to fast travel to Banapur (The Golden Path's main village) and jump off right beside the glider. Activate your wingsuit and stir a little to the right, where there's a lake. If you get it right and arrive at the lake every single time, this will net you around 500 meters per jump.
  37. Display Of Fortitude - Conquer two fortresses
  38. Brother In Arms - Liberate one Outpost playing as Hurk (Co-op)


  • For anything that needs to be done in a car, such as Drive By, Hand of Justice and Robin Hood trophies, I'd recommend that you bring a shotgun that can be equipped as a sidearm. One shot will usually kill the two in the front seat and if you're lucky it may even kill all three in the Pagan's Wrath Convoy.
  • The way you go about dealing with the 4 main antagonists will not affect the trophy that you'll get.


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