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Farmville Cheats and Secrets

Updated on May 15, 2010

Farmville is the most popular online game of all time, played by dozens of millions of users and this number is ever growing. The game is simple, you are a farmer building up a virtual farm with animals, fruits and vegetables.

How to be a Successful Farmer on Farmville

First of all, in order to play this game you have to have an account with Facebook. As soon as you start the game, you will be prompt to create your farmer by choosing the gender, hair style skin color, body, clothing etc. Now you will see your farmer on your small piece of land and you can start working. 
You have the choice to grow different plants on your land, some will bring you a good return, but the waiting time for harvest is very long, others bring you less return, but you can harvest them after a few hours. A good example are strawberries  which you can harvest after four hours and they deliver you one of the best time to money ratio, therefore strawberries are the first job you must master.
Never buy machines to help you with the work, it is a pain to do it all manually but in the end you save a lot of money which could be used to buy more interesting upgrades such as the possibility to extend the farm.
Farming is the best way to make money quickly. There is nothing that matches the power of the land to improve your skills, to increase your experience and your wallet. The disadvantage is you need to pay attention to the clock and reap the farm on time or you will just waste your money and your time.
The second best way to make money very fast is to make a lot of friends and to pay close attention to when they go online and start working on their farms sending bonuses to everyone. Being the first to catch those bonuses will ensure you get an advantage over them. Also the more neighbors you have,  the faster you can reach the next level and expand your farm. 
Collecting ribbons is another good feature in Farmville, but you should concentrate in collecting them one at a time. When you try to collect one ribbon by satisfying a certain requirement, you are also getting items that are required in order to get  other ribbons. Now, all you have to do as soon as you get one ribbon is  to try to collect the other ribbon that is closer to completion.
In conclusion, see what kind of farm will earn you the most money per time invested on it and count the experience as well. Planting strawberries can be a good idea only if you are going to be present when it’s time for harvest, otherwise you will loose time and money invested. Make your choice base also on your schedule. Make a lot of friends, accept their gifts and of course, do the same to your neighbors so they will reward you with even more gifts in return. 

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