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Fastest Ways to Rank Up in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

Updated on November 10, 2011

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 now has 80 ranks, which is 10 more than what Modern Warfare 2 had. There are many ways to rank up fast, but one of the most notable ways to rank up quickly is by using the prestige tokens and buying Double XP. If you have prestiged in previous Call of Duty video games, you will receive one prestige token for each game. You will not receive multiple prestige tokens for one game, even if you prestiged multiple times, however.

You can use prestige tokens for a number of things in Modern Warfare 3.

  • Extra Custom Class
  • Double XP (two hours in-game time)
  • Double Weapon XP
  • Regular Package (Callsign Title and Emblem)
  • Unlock Gear (Choose one item that's unlocked permanently)
  • Hardened Package
  • Veteran Package
  • Reset All Stats (resets everything, including your Prestige Level)

How to Rank Up Fast in Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

One of the best game types to play in Modern Warfare 3 to rank up faster is "Kill Confirmed." This game type is somewhat similar to team deathmatch, except you must pick up dog tags of enemies you kill to earn a point. You can also pick up dog tags of your fallen team mates to prevent enemy players from picking them up.

Kill Confirmed is excellent for leveling up because you get experience for kills, picking up enemy dog tags, and picking up fallen comrades dog tags. And of course you get points for assists. Kill confirmed is very fast paced, which is good if you want to rank up quicker.

Best Ways to Rank Up Fast In Modern Warfare 3

  • Playground War because there are more enemy players to kill. And this means getting killstreaks is generally easier than in standard team deathmatch. You also have a better chance of killing more enemy players with the AC130, attack helicopter, etc..
  • Use a prestige token (if you have one from other CODS) and unlock Double XP for two hours!
  • Play Kill Confirmed game type (as described above).
  • Use a variety of weapons to unlock weapon challenges. While you may have a weapon that you like to use all the time, try to use a variety of weapons to unlock challenges. Completing weapon challenges will ultimately make you rank up faster in Modern Warfare 3.
  • Use the Hardline perk in Modern Warfare 3 to get killstreaks easier because it reduces the amount of kills required to get a killstreak. Better yet, get Hardline Pro and 2 assists will count as a kill towards your next killstreak. Your deathstreaks also require one less death.

Specialist Strike Package to Rank Up Fast In Modern Warfare 3

If you are good at getting several kills in a row without the aid of killstreaks, use the specialist package. This is an excellent way to rank up if you can get several kills in a row because you get XP bonuses every time you get another perk. You get perks for killing several enemies in a row, but lose the perks when you die. With Hardline, you only need 7 kills to get all the perks.

This is definitely one of the best ways to rank up in Modern Warfare 3 IF you are able to get several kills in a row without dying consistently. Otherwise, it will not be beneficial to you.

Having trouble getting higher killsteaks in Modern Warfare 3?

If you find you are having trouble getting higher killstreaks like the AC130, set your killstreaks lower. You still get points for using lower level killstreaks. Note that killsteaks are set per individual custom class now. So you can basically have some classes that have higher killstreaks set and other classes that have lower killstreaks set.

Also remember that killstreaks stack in Modern Warfare 3. Whatever kills you get with a predator missile, attack helicopter, etc. will be counted towards the next killstreak.

How do you rank up fast?

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    • profile image

      yoboy 5 years ago

      thank u for the tips even know i did not read them

    • tf141gh0st profile image

      tf141gh0st 5 years ago

      This is great information! Good job! :)

    • profile image

      Joshua 5 years ago

      GREAT! I agree????????????

    • profile image

      codgamer 5 years ago

      Hi Guys today i get my first MOAB so i think it's a good ide to write down my class. I hope it will help you. :)

      Primary: MP7

      Proficiency: Attachments

      Attachments: Silencer, Rapid fire

      Camouflage: What you want

      Secondary: Stinger (but it can be machine pistol or handgun.)

      Lethal: Semtex

      Tactical: Concussion Grenade

      Perk 1: Scavenger (Pro)

      Perk 2: Hardline (Pro)

      Perk 3: Marksman (Pro)

      Strike package: (Specialist)

      -Sleight of Hand (Pro)

      -Assassin (Pro)

      -Stalker (Pro)

      Death Streak: Final Stand.

    • profile image

      *yawn* 5 years ago

      my kill/death ratio is 0.4-0.6, i use subutex daily (bubrenorfin)... don't know why i told u that and how it will help u level up faster... but anyway... have a nice day and don't cry if u die more then u kill.... its only a game =)

    • profile image

      x V I P IER 5 years ago

      just play headquarters with a team of 4+ of people you know

      4000+ points every game if you know how to play it well and win a lot ..

      Ik my KD is 2.34

    • profile image

      SEAL 6 years ago

      i play wii yeah a little unusual but does anyone else. im lookin for some good allys so post ur code and level (im level 54)

    • profile image

      Blueside1878 6 years ago

      I get min 20 kills in HCTDM n play a run n gun style with kd of 2.21. However using different submachine guns n maxing them out with specialist gives tonnes of xp. Lately ive been playin S&D n gettin 7-12 kills per game with uav pred airstrike n if u play smart can rack up xp. Know that rushing in s&d doesn't work well but planting quick bombs n staying closeby will draw a lot of the other team to your area while a lot of them are still alive. Add me n can have in game tutorial on ps3 Blueside1878

    • profile image

      TheTrey 6 years ago

      Get a case of Monster, your favorite recliner, small rations of food. And turn the XBOX on around 6:30pm Friday and play everything, rank up all your weapons, pay attention to the challenges that need to be completed and do that all Saturday and Sunday as well. Then go to work on Monday, if you don't work, then go to school. If you don't go to school, then get the hell out of my house and quit playing my XBOX so damn much. Or just play Hardcore free-for-all and Hardcore Search and Destroy. Use Overkill so you can sit and snipe and use an Assault Rifle as well. Since it only takes a couple rounds to kill someone, But beware, those hardcore matches can get pretty nasty, it's no joke. Especially if you're playing a group that's worth a damn. I just had to balance my time between MW3, my girl, my job, my bills, and my heroin addiction. Haha just kidding, I'm no longer a heroin addict. But when I was, I was really really good at MW2. I would sit around, get high and play it all day. That has changed, I still love gaming though. HappyEnding101, I also have another account under FormerJunkie101 if anyone wants to play around. I love me some hardcore. Just my style of gaming.But I can rep it pretty hard in Groundwar. Also, I couldn't care less about my K/D ratio, but you'll still want me on your team. I'll get the freakin flag, plant the bomb or kill the bastard trying to plant the bomb. THIS IS COMBAT!!!! In a totally digital and non-realistic fantasy world. Wu-Tang FOREVER!!!

    • profile image

      dragonslayer1801 6 years ago

      What's so bad about boosting anyway? If the designers of the game didn't want you to level thet fast they shouldn't even make it so that it's possible. If they can ban you for playing WITHOUT hacking or being a jerk to your teamates, they must be a bunch of nerds living in their mom's attic or grandmother's basement with no social life playing video games and jerking off all day long.

    • profile image

      Justin 6 years ago

      I'm pretty sure I've played with crazy killer when he was boosting a couple of days ago. He kept getting the nuke and ending the game. And he was reported.

    • profile image

      Cody 6 years ago

      Play demolition. Fast paced.. 6v6... 100 points per plant. The most points ive gotten from one full game was 50000.... I did have 20000 from challenges

    • profile image

      Shad0wn1ght15 6 years ago

      heyy sll these really work, im only 4th prestige llv 30 as I suck so I stick with specialist or support. Ballistic vests, recon drone and advanced uav us a great levellin support ks set out. Shad0wn1ght15 add me :)

    • profile image

      TheTrey 6 years ago

      Boosting isn't achieving real rank. It's too easy, you're just going to suck when you play people that ranked up the harder way. I'll report boosting. For sure.

    • profile image

      codgamer 6 years ago

      CrazyKilla: You can rank up fast but this is called boosting. Players can report you for doing this and you can easily get ban. Be careful with it.

    • profile image

      CrazyKilla 6 years ago

      What i did is set apersom with tactical insersion so they spawned in the same place and made them repeat this and u can get most of weapon ranks by doing this i got to level 50 in like in 1 and a half to 3 hours so it can work for masters noobs or anyone else.

    • profile image

      Cr4zyK1d-96 6 years ago

      cheers for all the help guyz and ill use all the things you have said =D

    • profile image

      deadpunk69(ps3) 6 years ago

      The best thing to do is play hardcore and just check ur corners good almost only take 2 bullets to kill... i use the axr with bline eye; assain pro and stalker pro...and almost come away with 40+/20(kd) when playing domination.also when u get to about level 25 switch weapons and rank thatone up...also don't get stuck in a spawn trap if this happens just leave don't wast ur time....

    • profile image

      WC SMK 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Seb Sctt 6 years ago

      I found this a rather insightful guide with it's easy read texts that were not heavy but still instructive. One criticism is that you didn't recommend any gun which may help you, for example use the assault rifle's because they let you play a t long and close range and especially the ACR 6.8.Thanks.

    • profile image

      RD 809 EL SANTO 6 years ago


    • profile image

      shawn 6 years ago

      Play drop zone it is a good way to get a lot of kills

    • profile image

      coolguy 6 years ago

      I use assalt and do care package pred and attack heli on search do great on level up

    • profile image

      Bogile 6 years ago

      Play SnD search and destroy 500 points for a normal kill you can't go wrong.

      Use blind eye in search because it makes it easier

    • profile image

      codgamer 6 years ago

      Use launchers (I suggest the Stinger [lvl 40]) and shot down helicopters, UAVs, Pawe lows, Ac 130s, Reapers, and Strafe runs. They give you a lot of XPs.

    • profile image

      Antonio 6 years ago

      Very good ways to rank up

    • profile image

      Delzato-27 6 years ago

      I know this isn't MW3 but if you play domination on black ops and don't capture any flags it's endless.

    • profile image

      rocky gunz 6 years ago

      Heh, well, just look at the gametypes. What ones last the longest typically? Dom, demo, ect. Longer matches ~ chance for more kills ~ more xp. You just have to be able to get kills. In return you get gun, prof, ect challenges done. Cycle through the guns you are good with and knock em towards the middle of each prestige or towards the end. I prefer to run speciallist. If you run assualt, set kill streaks low. Uav, care package and pred missle.

    • profile image

      I AM UR BARBER 6 years ago

      need some help on leveling up my kd is only 1.07 or something :( anybody wanna give me some tips in a private match ??? please add me I AM UR BARBER

    • profile image

      redbaronzx 6 years ago

      nice tips:)

    • profile image

      Rot4hell 6 years ago


    • profile image

      xWARCR1MESx 6 years ago

      use recon perk along with hardline pro and marksman in domination or groundwar... marksman id's targets, recon tags em and hardline turns those assists into kills. Use the specialist package with these perks and god mode is super easy to achieve. Also very if you use an low level assault ks. I average 3-4 predators per game like this and i suck :)

    • profile image

      scott 6 years ago

      shut up dang play team defender it levels u up faster and use specialist kill steaks

    • profile image

      Joaby1Kenoby 6 years ago

      use the pp9om1 it levels you up well quick on mw3 and complete spec ops and the campaign tice you level up every match try it trust me!!!!!

    • profile image

      Aj 6 years ago

      This was great ground war is great for getting kill streaks and those stack up ur kills which is greatttttt but snd is my game type

    • profile image

      Connor 6 years ago

      Thanks this advice was helpful.

    • profile image

      Ziggy813 6 years ago

      The best game to rank up is the game INFECTED!!!! One person starts out infected and all they have is a knife. As soon as they kill someone, that person becomes infected. It is all about survival as the number of infected grow. For each person that becomes infected, you get 100 survival points. So you gain points by camping and doing nothing. Also score by killing the infected before they kill you. It is possible to level up multiple times in a couple hours. Go to COMMUNITY and select INFECTED

    • profile image

      Trey 6 years ago


      You're getting the points but they don't show up on your match total. When the match is over a screen appears with your rank gauge on it. Just use the D-pad to scroll over and see what challenges you had completed during the match, you can also see a total of all the points you accrued during the match if you scroll over far enough. If you accidentally hide the screen just hit select to bring it back up. Killa Bees Y'all

    • profile image

      typhoon 6 years ago

      don't wanna brag but im sick at codmy kd is 6.268,add me brutal-preddzz

    • profile image

      MAx 6 years ago

      =D thx a bunch!

    • profile image

      Nathan 6 years ago

      I'm confused, i tried the speicalist XP and I am getting a TON of xp in game, or at least it says i am when i get the kills but when i check my total xp it doesn't reflect what I am getting in game. Doesn't seem to count it. Anyone 3lee have this issue?

    • profile image

      Trey 6 years ago

      BTW, make sure to cycle through your weapons attachments because of the XP gained through challenges completed. Always pay attention to how far along you are with your challenges so you know which area to focus on. Wu Tang son

    • profile image

      Codgodhomie 6 years ago

      Same thing I already do.kill confirmed and specialist..7th prestige almost 8th;D

    • profile image

      VZS4 6 years ago

      All of this stuff works im impressed of this work

    • profile image

      monk 6 years ago

      great thanks i will definitely use this.what are the best maps for ranking up?

    • profile image

      Dog 6 years ago

      @Trey Yes

    • profile image

      Trey 6 years ago

      Just play Team Defender. If you're worth anything at any FPS you'll do great here. Set your killstreak to assault and then use UAV, Care Package and Predator Missle then use the hardline perk, this will reduce your killstreak to 2,3 and 4. I usually call in 3 or 4 of each every match. Plus you get double points for kills and assists when your team holds the flag. And if you hold the flag you get points for you teammates kills. Most fun I've ever had playing any of the games in the series.

    • profile image

      mmmmm 6 years ago

      use a sniper rifle and go somewhere and stay hidden, once you shoot someone run to another place and do the same. its not really camping

    • profile image

      Regiggie12 6 years ago

      or domination

    • profile image

      iwin4usuck 6 years ago

      im a beast in cod...i get 40 or at least 20. per team death match.. and i never knew that kill streaks stack up on each that is powerful info... lol they shouldn't of put that in the im the whole

      f-ing team. thanks i will now let go of uav and go for a higher kill streak like ac 130. o if you want to add me as a clan and you are the .....iwin4usuck

    • profile image

      Taint 6 years ago

      ima go try it out see how it works, thanks

    • profile image

      Maggie 6 years ago

      How high can you get leveled up on gamers in special ops?

    • profile image

      Butt 6 years ago

      Its ok

    • profile image

      UnwilledGoose97 6 years ago

      how do you lvl up fast but do by yerself

    • profile image

      UchihaLemuel 6 years ago

      what do you think is the best way for a rusher to lvl up?Cuz y'know a "camper" has his ways ov lvling up and a "rusher" has HIS own ways.

    • profile image

      brent411 6 years ago

      thanks i think i will use some of these except ground war and kil confirmed cuz they are to fast paced for me

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago


    • No1sForever profile image

      No1sForever 6 years ago from San Antonio

      Very good guide, Thanks.

    • profile image

      oCHAOTIKo 6 years ago

      This was awesome I appreciate it. I prestiged this morning now almost at 60 already.

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the ways to rank up in modern warfare 3.

    • profile image

      Noyan 6 years ago

      Info was very helpful to me! A nice guide! Thanks a lot :)

    • profile image

      Matt 6 years ago

      It is very helpful to see how much XP it takes to rank up and prestige as you are going along. A great Modern Warfare 3 XP Chart can be found here:


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