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Fate Traitor Soul review

Updated on May 19, 2010

This is a downloadable computer game made by WildTangent. It's their third entry into this rpg series. Fate is very similar to Diablo (to the point where it even looks the same!), but it's more suited for casual players. If you liked that series, you're bound to love any of the Fate games. The gameplay is simple: Click on the monsters, collect new shiny things, play with your pets, and descend even deeper into the dungeons. But is it worth $20?

(Some online sites will let you download and buy Fate cheaper than the game developer's. Most of these involve game club credits. It's a discount system similar to what you've seen with dvd movies or music cds. Grab a few either at once or monthly to get them all far below retail price.)

What I loved about this Fate game:

  • The new dungeon art, pets and races look fantastic. I especially love the cogger race (magician with bionic parts and a monocle) and mechanical steampunk style dungeons.
  • Your character can wear cloaks! They're pretty awesome too.
  • It's a fun way to spend time after a long day. Clicking through all the monsters and mazes is relaxing, as odd as that sounds. Finding some shiny new loot (especially named items!) always makes me smile too.

The negative part of my Fate: The Traitor Soul review:

  • It was marketed as a new game. It's not. This is just an expansion to Undiscovered Realms with a few new things. On the plus side, if you didn't already own UR (I did), the Traitor Soul game comes with the second editior of Fate for free.
  • Most of the new races in this downloadable game don't add anything to the game or replay value. The difference between them is simply the final boss, what your character looks like and a few skill points.
  • The "new quest" dungeon is very lacking. It's simply a repeat of the random dungeons with a few more monsters mixed in. Unfortunately, to access it you have to fight through many levels of creatures that no longer pose a challenge to your character.

I had some fun with the Traitor Soul, but I probably wouldn't buy this game again. This is mainly because I already owned Undiscovered Realms. This version of Fate offers very little to past customers. Many of the new additions were already created by fans with the mod editor. I'd probably think it was a great bargain if I didn't have buy the game WildTangent released before it. What did you think of it? There's a guestbook for this Fate Traitor Soul review below.


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