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Favimon, Free Website Fighting Game

Updated on December 20, 2010
For more free indie games and web battles, visit:
For more free indie games and web battles, visit: | Source

Ever wished you could pit websites against one another to the bitter fainting end? Favimon, an indie game based on solid Pokemon principles now allows you to do just that. Favimon is played simply by vising the site, where you will be assigned one little fighter for your side, Favimon itself. With Favimon on your side, you can then type other websites into the attack bar and face against them.

The websites you face off against are represented by their Favicons, hence the name of the game 'Favimon'. I worked that out all by myself and was quite proud of that fact. Thank you. Thank you.

Popular websites have specific Favimon with more health and unique attacks assigned to them., for instance has special attacks called 'Breaking News' 'It's a Trap' and Series of Tubes'. It also has one attack called 'Streisand Effect' that does not do any damage, but which causes the opponent's health to drop by two points.

The premise of the game is simple. If you win, you collect the wild Favimon and go on to use them in battles against other websites. It doesn't take long to build a superior army against no website can stand. This is helped by the fact that it appears that the game is heavily weighted in your favor to win. Indeed, even when going up against website Favimon with vastly superior stats, you seem to end up winning by merit of dodging attacks and dealing out extra damage on a regular basis.

A fun element of the game is the vast variety of effects assigned to various sites., for instance, had a 'group hug' ability that allowed it to heal one of the other damaged Favimon who were currently retired from battle.

The battles themselves are rather reminiscent of Pokemon battles in that the action seems to largely take the form of the icons themselves jiggling a bit every now and then. Unfortunately there aren't even attack graphics, which means that fighting eventually takes on a rather useless, hollow feeling, like a drainpipe dislodged after a Christmas reveler tried to scale it with the idea of wedging him or herself down the chimney.

The game is still in Beta, and though it is perhaps not the most gripping game ever to hit the intertubes, it is undoubtedly original in its premise and has all the hallmarks of a future fad game, bigger than Farmville, even.

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