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Koda's Female Companion Mod V2, Minecraft Girlfriend Mod

Updated on January 16, 2011

If I had a bone to pick with Minecraft, it would be that for all the wondrous buildings I have created, for all the wild lands I have tamed and for all the rough terrain I have civilized, it all seems somehow empty.

But we need not be lonely in Minecraft anymore, for the wonderful Koda has created a companion mod that adds a female called 'Charlotte' to the game. Charlotte need not be considered a girlfriend, she can also be a sister, a fellow adventurer, or a Avon saleslady if you so desire. Perhaps she'll be your favorite cake dispenser. At any rate, she's a charming lady friend who will make your Minecraft world that little bit more populated.

Charlotte isn't just a model you stuff into a corner like a doll, she's a 'real' NPC, one that will follow you where you go, one that will sail the wide Minecraft seas with you, and one who will help you attack and defeat monsters and mobs.

Once the mod is installed, Charlotte will spawn next to you. She will follow you wherever you go, and if she runs into trouble or you get too far ahead of her, she calls out to tell you to wait up. She can wield a sword, carry blocks and if you give her food, she'll eat it when her health gets low.

Charlotte acts as something of a guard, warning you when hostile mobs are in the area and hurling herself into the fray without any thought for her own safety.

You can heal Charlotte either by giving her food to eat, or by left clicking on her. Charlotte will return the favor if you are injured in battle. Aw, it's just so incredibly sweet.

Unfortunately, if you die, then Charlotte will no longer recognize you. If Charlotte dies, then she's gone. Charlotte only spawns once. If you really miss Charlotte, or if you're sick of seeing her mourn you when you're standing right in front of her you can always go into your Minecraft save, delete the Charlotte file and she'll spawn again.

Version 2 of this mod (compatible with the Beta 1.2 release) includes even more fun with Charlotte, including the ability to give her piggyback rides. Hurrah!

Installing Charlotte

So all of that is the good stuff. What's the bad stuff? Well, this mod requires three other mods to work. This means that the chances you'll screw something up and make Minecraft black screen is high. I recommend reading *all* the documentation associated with *all* the mods before installing them. That will make your life easier and dramatically increase your chances of having this mod work the first time.

Download Charlotte


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