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Femdolling PVC Figure Collection, Female Action Figures, and Statues, Great Gift Ideas

Updated on April 11, 2011

What Is It?

Femdolling is a blog about Female PVC Figure Dolls. All related to anime, manga, comics, hentai, visual novels, gaming and more of the like. Good character lists can be found here.

Surrounded by much of the anime/manga, and video gaming nowadays, One could not ignore and leave out the great hobby of making a list of the best female action figures/statue toys.

Surely you would at least recognize one of the character from great animated shows. From way back when Mazinger was being shown on TVs. To the now very popular series like Death Note. The list of the female characters in the anime/manga keeps growing. Some of the top favorites include:

1. Haruhi Suzumiya - Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

2. Chi - Chobits

3. Kawazoe Tamaki - Bamboo Blade

4. Maria Grace Fleed - UFO Robot Grendizer

5. Misato Katsuragi - Neon Genesis Evangelion

6. Meer Campbell - Gundam Seed Destiny

7. Sonsaku Hakufu - Ikki Tousen

Among many other...

Must note that maybe the manga and comics around the Americas is not as big as the anime and movies, but make no mistake that it is a huge market anyway. From the this section here is a sample of the favorite list:

1. Urd - Ah! My Goddess

2. Tsukasa Hiiragi - Lucky Star

3. Super Gir - DC Comics

4. Lala Satalin Deviluke - To Love Ru

5. Rogue - Marvel Comics

6. Emma Frost (White Queen) - Marvel Comics

7. Black Widow - Marvel Comics

And more.

Gaming is one of the favorite forms of entertainment. That is the reason why gaming companies are rising because there is much demand, and still growing as we speak. The female PVC figure gaming list is really a large one, but will limit the number to 7:

1. Morrigan - Dark Stalkers

2. Kasumi And Ayane - Dead Or Alive

3. Chun li - Street Fighter

4. Ingrid - Street Figther Alpha

5. Makoto Aihara - Rumble Roses

6. Nakoruru - Samurai Shodown (Spirits)

7. Kosmos - Xenosaga 3

Now there are ore more characters to be seen and get know about if you are into these three great themes. Others not covered here, which are more likely to be in the interest from the Japanese community.

These female PVC Statues makes perfect gifts or just buy for yourself. They are so popular. Some were just too popular that they are almost impossible to get any more. Stores around the internet run out all the time. Claiming you have a limited edition PVC figure could be just an excellent experience.

Manga, anime and gaming is sometimes not only for kids. Most of the images shown are targeted to teens, occasional adult. (but there is absolutely no porn here) Please consider this when visiting Femdolling.

My best wishes.


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