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Few Deadly Skills of the Aion Assassin

Updated on July 18, 2011

Aion Assassin Clase

There are few Aion Assassin skills that define this class, and to become proficient with as an Assassin you will need to know them well.

Hey Man, It is all Just Psychedelic Patterns.

Signet Patterns are the most difficult to grasp but are very rewards once mastered. The more signet patterns on a target, the greater the effect will be. Remember that signets patterns augment signet patterns applied by other assassins. So find an Assassin partner, and tag team opponents to bring them down very quickly.

Assassins do it from Behind!

You should always attack from behind when possible with the backstab skill, Surprise Attack and Weakening Blow. Not only do they do more damage but they also add extra bonuses. Again, use you stealth skill to sneak up behind your enemy and wait for the right opportunity to attack.

Stun Lock the Sucker.

The Assassin has the most number of stun skills in the game, totaling seven. With all these stuns, the Assassin can effectually stun lock a target. Which means that the target is constantly immobilize, meaning they cannot move, effectively leaving them open to a number of devastating attacks, especially as the Assassin should now easily be able to maneuver themselves behind the target and issue some backstab attacks.

Now you see me, Now you do not.

Stealth, or in Aion's term, Hide, is the defining characteristic of the Assassin. It gets basic one at level 5 and the more advanced one at 34. Learn the limitations of the detection range. In PvP, you are away from the main combat and sneaking up on the casters and healers giving your melee classes hell.

There is no Anti-Venom for That.

There are two poisons for an Assassin Apply Poison and Apply Deadly Poison. Applying poison gives damage over time effects and bonuses with some attacks. In addition, the target cannot initiate flight if they are poisoned. This means that the chances of them running away are reduced. So always, use poison if you are out on the prowl.

Your Just in Slow Motion To Me.

Assassins are not blessed with great armor, leather being only above cloth in terms of resilience. Instead, they rely on avoiding attacks, rather than absorbing blows. Though not very important in PvE, as the main tank will be the one being attacked, but in PvP and of course solo leveling you will need to stock up on some evasion gear.


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    • FinancePortal profile image

      FinancePortal 7 years ago from UK

      Good tips, I've been finding the Assassin a tricky character to get to grips with - shall be trying some of these! thanks!

    • Morrow66 profile image

      Morrow66 7 years ago

      Thanks for you comment :)

    • Hub Llama profile image

      Hub Llama 7 years ago from Denver, CO

      Cool tips. Nice to find a bit that isn't in the basics guide out there.