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Fidget Friends Toy - Interactive Squishy Skin Robot

Updated on November 18, 2011

Fidget Robot Toy

Meet Willa (right) - she is one of the Fijit Friends from Mattel.

She has squishy sensitive skin.

When you touch her she'll respond with chat and giggles.

Turn on some music and she can dance along, or let Willa play her own tune and you can groove together.

And when you talk to her, she will recognize certain keywords and will reply with a pre-programmed phrase.

Buy Fidget Friends Toy Online

These cute interactive robots are suitable for kids aged 6 years and up, and cost around $50.

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Fijit Friends Names and Colors

There are four characters currently available:

Willa - Purple with curly antenna - The fashion-conscious, trend-setter.

Logan - Blue with antenna that look like floppy bunny ears - Sport and health-wise.

Sage - Green with leaf-like antenna - She is brave and adventurous.

Serafina - Pink with antenna like little angel wings - Cute, sweet-pie that will melt your heart.

Fidget Friends Reviews

Customer reviews are a great insight into what a toy is like, as parents will test it in ways toy companies don't even dream about.

To date the Fijits are scoring around 3 stars out of a potential 5 with Amazon customers.

It is worth noting that the toy comes with demonstration batteries only, and many reviewers report problems getting the robot to respond to keywords right out of the box. The inlcuded batteries may not have the necessary power remaining to operate effectively.

Each toy takes 5 x AA batteries so when you buy the toy be sure to stock up on enough batteries so you can replace them as soon as you take the robot out of the box.

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Fidget Friends Videos

You've probably already seen the commercial on TV, but take a look at these cute YouTube videos from Mattel. Without the rapidly changing camera angles and loud music that you get on the commercial, you can really see how the toy interacts, moves, and what it sounds like.

Be sure to watch the cat video - my boys were in pieces laughing at it, and made me play it over and over again.

Willa and the parrot

Willa and the hungry cat


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