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Fidget Spinning for Fidgets

Updated on June 27, 2017

What is a Fidget Spinner and What are they used for?

Fidget spinners are a device that is made up of plastic or metal with a bearing in the center allowing for rotation (spinning).

Why are they used?

Fidget Spinners are ideal for the type of people who have ADHD, autism, and nothing to do with their nervous energy. It keeps people engaged and relaxes their mind while watching the device spin around quickly.

They can also be good for someone who is trying to quit smoking because it enables you to use your hands. It may come in handy for someone who has the urge to light a cigarette and do something with their hands. It may not relieve the nicotine craving, however, it can provide a sense of relaxation due to the many different colors and designs they have available. It also may come in handy when you have that nervous energy while talking on the phone. If you notice, sometimes people may doddle on paper, or simply just pace back and fourth. At least with a fidget spinner, this can provide something to do with your hands.

This "toy" isn't meant to cure any psychological problems a person may have, but it makes relaxation techniques more effective.

The awesome part about this device is that it does not come in a standard color or design. There are several options available when purchasing a fidget spinner. Another fun thing about them is they are inexpensive and very easy to use!

So kick back, relax and spin away!

Do Fidget Spinners really help to de-stress or improve focus?

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