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PC Game Reviews: Fieldrunners 2

Updated on April 27, 2017

Kill that damn runners

Loading screen with a common runner
Loading screen with a common runner | Source

Fieldrunners was great I really enjoyed it and when Fieldrunners 2 was released and I couldn't help myself to get it immediately, its a good game to keep you busy not just for time to fly by but to keep you busy thinking of your next move before the next wave come running through your last line of defense.

Let us get on with this review keep on reading and maybe this game is for you as it is for many others.

Game Play

This map has a path but most don't, this is a time trail, defeat as many as you can
This map has a path but most don't, this is a time trail, defeat as many as you can | Source

Game Play

Gameplay has to be one of the most important things I want in a game, this can be anything from crafting to strategic gameplay I like both these aspects in games and if they have at least one then its most likely to be good enough for me however in Fieldrunners we have strategy and the game is very good in delivering the strategy genre to tower defense.

Like most tower defense games a path is already set out for you and all you have to do is set up your towers, different towers for more damage so you can't really call it strategy as the more the damage the better.

With Fieldrunners 2 this is entirely different you start out with your map and you will have to build your own path by using the wall towers these towers still do damage, however, is inexpensive and is a way to lure the enemy in a pattern so that you can do maximum damage.

There is a wide range of enemies from fast weak runners to slow heavy runners each with different attributes, there are units with high defense and units that's just strong and fast or the opposite, there is also units that are immune to some towers like fire or gas mixing this type of units with the normally weak and strong will surely make you think twice before placing a tower or upgrading a tower.

Like there is many units that can attack in waves there is also many towers to pick from to do damage to all or to that one units that doesn't take damage from fire or slow down from ice, we have towers that do electrical damage, towers that do fire damage, towers that lay down traps and gas towers with much more, that I haven't even unlocked yet.

By each passing wave the enemy will get stronger and use stronger units, this will leave you with a few options do you upgrade the towers you have or do you save up for a stronger tower in general, maybe add more towers to slow the enemy down in order for them to take even more damage.

On the map there is also options to consider before you reach your victories, there are bridges you can loop for them to roam almost endlessly or until they are killed by your towers, you also get blocks and other towers placed on the map by luring the runners through these gates they take more damage or by forcing them to run on fire plates, you can't move these towers and plates so you better think carefully before using it or not using them.


unfortunately the game features no story and this is why it is considered to me as the general game to play for just the fun and to see if you can beat your own high score or simply try and beat that level on a higher level, each level has three difficulties, easy, medium and hard the higher you go the more points you get and the more stars you earn and more points and stars mean faster tower unlocking as this is the only way to gain access to them by either buying them with points or unlocking them with stars.


This is the world map with all the levels
This is the world map with all the levels | Source

To make things easier there is much more you can do with points, for instance you can buy a single use item to assist you in your level this is a wide range of traps that can be bought with your points you earn, points can be earned over and over again even if you already played through that level however you can only earn more stars by completing that level on a higher difficulty, no this game is not online and has no in-game purchases, points and stars is earned freely within the game.

System Requirements

Pentium 4 @ 2.2 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 2200+
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+
256 Mb
512 Mb
550 Mb free
550 Mb free
1 Gb
2 Gb
This game will work on most systems even on G2030 Cpu and lower

Rate this game here

3 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Fieldrunners 2


The game has the right amount of strategy to keep you busy for a while check, the game looks good check, the gameplay is good and fast paced check, different modes and difficulty check, this is the type of tower defense games I truly like to play.

© 2015 Phillip Grobler


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