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Fifa 10 Ultimate Team

Updated on July 15, 2012

Ultimate team is a downloadable add on for the very popular soccer/football game fifa 10,which is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and the pc,it is basically a card trading game where each player is represented on a card with there stats and overall skill score and you can trade them with other gamers all round the world,you get basic players to begin with and then have to buy packs of cards by earning points playing fifa ultimate team competitions.You then buy either bronze,silver or gold packs depending on how much money you have and you will receive not only some player cards but also coaches and contract cards as well as kits,stadiums and other such delights,Obviously if you buy a bronze pack you will not find Kaka or indeed Beckham in there but you will need to progressively build your team until you get a decent all gold team then start trading around the world to get the players you want.

Ultimate Team


Not only do you have to build up a decent team but you also have to match up the right kind of manager as they all like to play a certain way and if you have a manager who likes 4-4-2 then if you have players who also like that formation then you are likely to have a high chemistry reading which will improve the way in which your players play.In addition to the player cards you can get game play cards which you can play at any point during a game,perhaps one to assist your forwards with scoring or how-about a no injuries one,there are loads available and all help you  and your team to win,it sometimes helps a lot if your online and getting your butt kicked.

Ultimate Team Teaser Trailer

Online tournaments

Once you have assembled a fairly good team of world superstars you may take them online to compete with other gamers from around the world in various competitions,not only that but ea will be releasing periodically their own competitions with coin based prizes to the competition winner.

Not all competitions will require the best team in the world as some of the competitions have entry level requirements such as only fielding 3 foreign players or only using a 2 star team so you have the ability to make and build 15 different teams using not only your hard earned world superstars but also build a lesser team with some of your older cards you may of used at the beginning.

Competition Video

Contract Cards

People who have played the ultimate team before on Fifa 09 will be looking at the title with dread,you are happily playing away with your best team then you realise that your best striker who has a rating of 95 has only one game left on his contract,if you don't re-contract him you will lose him forever..Ahhh mass panic as you realise you have no coins with which to buy up a pack of cards and half your players cant play as you they are running out of contract.It was a bit of an annoyance that one,Do not panic as this time round you still have contract cards only this time if your contract runs out on a certain player then he is just benched and cannot play again until such time as he gets a new contract.Genius.Have fun playing this i know i will and I'll see you online.


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