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Fifa 11 Ultimate Team And How I Earned 65,000 Coins In 7 Hours

Updated on July 18, 2011

I wrote a hub similar to this for last years fifa ultimate team game and it went down very well so i have decided to repeat the task,i have started off exactly where i currently am in the game,i have just brought Rio Ferdinand to shore up my average defence and have 12888 coins left to my name,my aim is to earn 65,000 coins and have just over 75,000 total within 6hours,i managed 50,000 coins in the same amount of time last year and the hub is still being viewed over a hundred times a day so i must have done something right.I will list the players i bid on and how much i put them up for sale and what they eventually go for,step by step, so you can then plan your assault on the player market.

Now i need large amounts of coins in a relatively quick time so i find the best way of doing this is by not buying just one player at a time until you have at least 20,000 coins,that way in the early stages you give yourself the optimum chance of making profit,and sometimes that profit comes in quicker in the beginning then it does if you have say 100,000.Ok here we go.

Ok so with 12888 coins burning a hole in my virtual pocket i hit the markets,i have noticed that the market is slowing right down and it is hard to win players at the moment.First player that grabs me is Given the gk from Man City,he is at a start price of 2000 coins with 10 minutes left and no bids,so i put a bid in and move on.After some more searching i find Giggs with a BIN price of 2350 so i instantly buy him.i go back to Given and I'm losing the bid at 2550,i wait until the dying seconds and bid in at 2750,done,got him.I put Given up for start of 3400 and BIN of 4500 and i put Giggs up for Start of 2500 and BIN of 4000.i have 7788 left and hit the markets again,within 5 minutes i find a Milner of Man City for 500 start and put in a bid of 1000,after a constant bidding war for 15minutes with 2 other bidders i eventually get him for 5400,more than i wanted to pay really.This leaves me with 2388 which is not worth bidding with so i put Milner up for Start of 6000 and BIN of 8000.Then i wait.

First Giggs sells for 3200 Not great then Given goes for The BIN price of 4500,Better,and eventually Milner goes for 8000 BIn which I'm surprised with but watching the bidding it seemed there were 3 or 4 people bidding which always increases value.Right my total is 17303 once all ea's money has been taken,not bad but still a long way off.

17303 and upwards

Just under an hour in and I'm searching the markets again,this time i manage to snatch Toure from Man City for 8200,i reckon this is an absolute steal so immediately put him up for start of 8950 and BIn of 11950,i then spend the next 20 minutes bidding on players and getting thoroughly beaten every time,I'm starting to lose faith,i impulse buy an inform player called Gaitan LM 82 who plays for benfica,Ive never heard of him and am slightly concerned with my purchase but with his rating and the fact he is inform i hope i can make a profit,i brought him for 2300 and put him up for start of 4950 and BIN of 7950,Fingers crossed.I have 6803 left and am getting cross with the fact i cant find any bargains so i head to the 59th minute mark in the markets,now this doesn't work as well as it used to due to the amount of people that now know about it but its worth a go,Its still early in the day so maybe!!.I manage to buy Milner for 5100 and figure ive sold him before and he went for 8000 BIN so i put him up at 8000 start and 10000 BIN,Checking back with my trade pile the results are in Toure went for 10300, bit dissapointed but Gaitan went for the BIN of 7950 and Surprisingly so did Milner 10000 for Milner now that is impressive.This leaves me with a total of 28540 after playing for 2 hours.It seems to be going quite well.

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28540 And Onwards

I see Ashley Cole going for 20,000 start and no bids with 2minutes left and see he is a LB No problem i have a LB to LWB card so i bid,it goes well all the way down to 8 secs then i get outbidded,this continues until i eventually win the bid at 23900,not bad i change his position and put him up for 25950 start and BIN 29000 i then buy Alex from Chelsea for 4500 and put him up at Start of 4950 and BIn of 7000,Cole sells within 15 minutes for the BIN price which has made me happy,Alex sells for 4950 not so happy.So im at 32472 with virtually 3 hours gone,this isn't bad but its not great and i can see me failing to trade my way to 65,000 in 7hours I'm nearly half way there with time but not with coins.Right i go grab a drink and something to eat and then hit the markets with a vengeance!!!

39552 Coins

By this time i have been trading for 3hours and 50 minutes and need some big profits so i try for several smaller players as i know that 40k players will not net me a big profit.I find Valencia for 9950 BIN and take him i then quickly find Ozil for 16450,i put Valencia up for start of 11500 and BIn of 14950 and Ozil for start of 17900 and Bin of 21550.I have 13152 left and go to the markets again,i get Cambiasso for 9950 and put him up for start of 10000 and Bin of 13950.At the end of the hour mark Valencia has gone for 13200,Ozil went for BIN at 21550 and Cambiasso didnt sell.Not overly impressed with Cambiasso.I now have 36214 and Cambiasso who i put up straight away at the same price.I go high and buy Ramos for 29650 and put him up for Start of 31000 and BIN of 36000.

Cambiasso sells at 12900 thankfully and Ramos goes for BIN,i knew he would,he always sells well.After that successful little spell i now have 53019 Coins to play with,and I'm currently at a play time of 5hours and 15 minutes!!Next i buy Ribery LW for some reason at a price of 37500 and put him up for start of 39950 and BIN of 44950 after changing him to LM,i also buy Wright-Phillips for 4950 and put him up at start of 5500 and BIN of 7950,Well I'm pretty much out of cash so sit back for a bit and wait for my latest two to sell,they both go for BIN thankfully so im chuffed.I'm at 60823 and still need 15k in under an hour!!.I desperately search and buy Tevez for 40050,i change his formation to 41212 to get the most profit and put him up for start of 46500 and BIN of 54950.I also get Nani at 11100 and Put him up start of 12000 and BIN of 14950.They both go for BIN with only minutes left.After that last little flurry it has taken me 7 hours and 12 minutes so i slightly went over but i ended up with a grand total of 76077 minus the 12888 i started with gives a total profit of 63189 in 7 hours!!!Not the easiest read that granted but i just wanted to show you tht with a little bit of luck and some good trading it can be done!!Good luck everyone.


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