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Fifa 12- How to Win Matches and Tournaments in Ultimate Team - Part 1: Off the Pitch

Updated on July 7, 2012

This hub will be all about things you can do off the pitch to have a better chance of winning matches in Ultimate Team for Fifa 12.


To win matches on Ultimate Team you need to ensure that every member of your squad has at least 85 fitness. For your strikers and wingers above 90 is preferable. This will mean that they can keep on sprinting throughout the whole match and if your opponent has less than 80 or so fitness in his defence then you will be able to push through when his players are unable to sprint of pull up with a self-injury. This is often overlooked. I suggest having either an A-Team with all of your best players in it and then having a B-Team with fairly cheap but enjoyable players. You then put your whole A-Team on the bench of the B-Team and vice versa. This way whenever you play with one team the other will gain fitness. Another way is to have subs from every position on your squad and switch them in when they reach 85 fitness. The third way is only if you make a lot of money. Every few games when the majority of your players are below 85 fitness, buy a silver squad fitness which costs a fair bit of money and considering every 5 games or so you would have to buy one it cuts down on your profits dramatically but it also means that you can always play with your best team.


Morale is very often overlooked but is also easy to maintain. If you win a few games then your Morale will increase dramatically but if you go on a losing streak or buy a new team a silver squad morale card can be picked up for less than 500 coins. Morale does make your team play much better, making them make better runs, better finishing, stronger passing among other things and just makes winning matches easier on the whole.


Although most people now know about how important chemistry is I still come up against teams with less than 70 chemistry and even in the short amount of time that you see their squad I can already see three different ways in which the chemistry could be improved just using the players that are on his squad. I also see lots of red formation and position boxes and I just wonder how people manage it. Fair enough if you are playing a 4-1-2-1-2 I can understand orange formation boxes but if people are playing a formation like 3-5-2 where each card costs around 250 coins that are only 2750 coins to buy a card for every player and you could even buy them in the correct formation. At this stage in the game players like Walcott sell for basically the same price in RW as RM that there is no point in buying him in the wrong position. You would be just as well spending an extra 300 coins to get that extra 2 chemistry because it does help a lot.

Choosing the Correct Team

I find that I play the best with cheap Serie A squads with players like Robinho and Di Natalie ad that I cannot play with a Bundesliga team with players like Riebery and Robben. I have only ever won an online cup with a cheap Serie A squad because it has a lot of players that I am comfortable with in the league. Di Natalie is my favourite attacker in the game and I just cannot stand players like Ibrahimovic.

Having the Correct Stats

Having the correct stats in the correct positions is vital to winning matches. In your attackers you don’t want them to have 80 defending and 60 pace. Pace is the most important stat in Ultimate Team. If you have no pace then your team will be less likely to win. You need, in a gold team, at least 85 pace for your left wingers, right wingers, left midfielders and right midfielders. You also want them to have at least 77 dribbling and it is also preferable for them to have a preferred foot that is opposite to the side they play on so have a left footed right winger. This means the player gets more chances to take shots. In your defenders you want at least 72 pace, preferably more than 75 pace. You also want them to either be at least 6ft 2 or have at least 80 heading. In your strikers you want at least 80 pace is good and a shot of 75 is also good. You want to have one player who is quicker and one player who is taller, if you have two strikers. The rest it just should have decent pace and centre midfielders should have good passing.

How many online tournaments have you won?

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I hope that the tips that i have mentioned will help you to win more matches and tournaments on Ultimate Team for Fifa.


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