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Fifa 12 Trading Tips #2: Mass Bidding

Updated on August 1, 2012

Fifa 12 Trading Tips is a series of hubs in which I will detail a tip that will help you make money on Fifa 12. All of these tips can be done effectively at the time I post them but the market crash may have killed them in a couple of months. All of these tips should work for Fifa 13 as well.

Step By Step

Step 1

Think of a popular team idea, such as Brazilian teams or Liga BBVA teams and then think that, if you were making that team, who would be your ideal striker or right midfielder or something. This is how I arrived at Hulk for the example. In a Liga BBVA side, David Villa would be the obvious choice for a left midfielder. In a Serie A team Thiago Silva would be a great choice for a centre back. Choose a player using these theories.

Step 2

Search for that player’s lowest Buy Now and undercut that by 250 coins. Now take the 5% tax away from that card and then take 1000 coins off of that total. This will show you roughly how much you should buy the player for. Search for all players that are going for that price and bid on as many as you can. Then search for Buy Nows for that price to see if anyone has placed a player up, trying to seriously undercut the next lowest buy now.

Step 3

Move onto a different player whilst those auctions are finishing. Sell the players if you win them.

Step 4



For this method you choose a player who costs at least 10k but you need to have at least three times his worth. For an example I will use the Hulks that I was looking at. His lowest Buy Now was 11750 so I went out and tried to buy him for 10k. I mass bidded on all of the cards that were going for 10k and waited. I got a few of these cards and put them all up for sale with the same buy nows of 11500. This means that if anyone wants to buy a Hulk they will find mines as it is the cheapest. Over the course of a day all of my Hulks sold giving me just under 1000 coins profit per card once tax was included. If I had 8 Hulks then that gives me around 7.5k for no more than 30 minutes work. If I were to mass bid with several players and won about 20 cards and was able to sell each on for 1000 coins profit you have generated 20k after one day of selling and only an hour or so of actual work. This is a great way to make coins especially if you do not have much time to trade.

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