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Fifa 12 Trading Tips- Wednesday Trading

Updated on July 20, 2012


You need a lot of money to do this but works very well even with less money just now because all of the top leagues, like the Barclay’s Premier League , are doing pre-season right now which means that the big players like Aguero and Rooney are not getting in forms which means that it is usually much cheaper players from leagues like the Tippeligaen which rarely rise above 70k.

The Team of the Week

On Wednesday’s, after the Team of the Week has been released, you can do some very risky but effective trading, especially in the first three hours after the Team of the Week has been released. You can see what the Team of the Week is a couple of hours before it is released so you look through it and choose 8 or 9 players who have either great nationalities/leagues or one or two good stats six or seven levels above that player’s overall.

The Method

They are very volatile and if you buy the first one to go up you can put it up for an hour for about 30k more then people will try to undercut you but will still only go about 20k more than what you bought yours for and then, if you undercut them, yours will be the cheapest on the market and because hardly anybody buys in the first couple of hours and this meas that when people begin to properly buy thm you will have the cheapest on the market.

My Experience

I did this with an Angan. I bought him for 17k after 2 auctions and 2 and a half hours, I sold him for 34k. This works well but can be very risky because of how volatile the market it. Every Wednesday you can make about 20k depending on the deals you can pick up.


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