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Fifa 12 Ultimate Team Budget Serie A Squad

Updated on May 16, 2012

This is my budget, less than 30k squad. It is mostly Serie A and, without a manager, will get 97 chemistry.

GK: Stekelenberg 1700

An 85 rated Goalkeeper and he pulls off ridiculous saves and standing 6ft 6 tall he can reach the top corner easily. The 2 other main competitors in the League are Buffon and Julio Cesar. Buffon is fantastic but I personally prefer Stekelenberg and I find that Julio Cesar is just awful. He cannot save anything that is hit with power.

RB: Abate 1300

Even though he is only rated 78 he is an absolute animal in defence. He has 91 pace and he sprints up the wings really quickly. He has a pretty decent shot and can cross quite well. I find that after he plays it up to my RM he runs up the pitch looking for the through ball. He is quite attacking and although Maicon is, debatably, slightly better, Abate is so much cheaper and will do the job.

CB: Chiellini 3700

Chiellini is very quick for a centre back with 82 pace and is strong and good in the air. He is my second favourite centre back in the game, beaten only buy Thiago Silva and I have played with lots of the higher rated players such as Pique, Ferdinand and Terry. Thiago Silva is, however, very expensive and does not fit in the squad but Chiellini is almost as good.

CB: Lucio 3000

Lucio is another strong centre back. He is not as good as Chiellini but is much better than Samuel and Nesta, the other two 85 rated defenders. He is quite quick, very strong and great from corners. Once again, even though he is logged as 3000, I think that you could get him maybe even for half that price if you looked hard enough.

LB: Marcelo 1700

Marcelo is the only non Serie A player in this team but, because of the link with Lucio, he still gets 7 chemistry. The reason I chose Marcelo is because there are no good, cheap, left backs in the Serie A. Taiwo is good but goes for about 7000 so does not fit in very well with the squad. Marcelo is very quick and has 86 pace and will run down the wings like Abate.

RM: Krasic 1300

Although Krasic is not the highest rated player he is quite cheap and has 90 pace. He is fairly strong as well and can easily get by defenders. He has an alright shot and is quite good at crossing but he can also cut in and finesse from inside the box. He is the only good right midfielder in the league and is a very strong player.

CM: Cambiasso 1700

Cambiasso is not very quick but is excellent at passing and winning the ball in the middle of the pitch. He is very cheap for an 85 rated player and he has done very well whenever I have used him. He is strong and a great person to have in the centre of midfield.

CM: Vidal 1300

Vidal is virtually a less powered version of Cambiasso and, because they are both originally centre defensive midfielders, that makes them both strong, good at passing but not very quick. I have not played much with Vidal but when I have he has been rock solid for me and idoes the job well enough in midfield.

LM: Lavezzi 3400

Lavezzi is a very quick, with 92 pace and he also has 90 dribbling. He has 5 star skills so is great for when people want to do skill runs down the pitch. For such a great player he sells for very little. One of the main reasons I like him is because he is right footed on the left wing which means that I can cut in from the wings and take a shot because I do not really like to cross as I never seem to score from crossing. He has a very good shot and his finesse shots are amazing.

CF: Robinho 3300

Robinho is ridiculously quick and is good for skill goals with his five star skills. I find that when he passes it forward to Alexandre Pato he often runs forward to receive the through ball. He is quick and has a very powerful shot and can finesse in from inside and outside the box with ease.

ST: Alexandre Pato 4500

Alexandre Pato is a very good attacker who seems to be much better than his stats on his card say. He has a ridiculous shot from in and outside the box. Robinho and Alexandre Pato work together very well and are both quick and can shoot from range successfully. Alexandre Pato is decent in the air so crosses are not wasted when he is in the middle. He also has five star skills so your two attackers can do skill runs and your left winger also has five star skills.

I find that many of these players can be picked up for much cheaper than this and that all of these players can be picked up for no more than 2-3k.I would only really spend 20000 coins on the whole squad, or I would try to at least.

Favourite Player in the Squad

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Possible Upgrades

If you have a bit more money to spend then I would buy Thiago Silva with a database price for 41k but once again I think that you can get him for around 35k.

Sneijder, a centre midfielder, who is usually a centre attacking midfielder normally, making a nice balance with a centre defensive midfielder and an attaking midfielder. On the database he is worth 18k for an 88 rated player who has an amazing long shot and decent free kick.

Ibrahimovic would be a good Striker in place of Alexandre Pato. Ibrahimovic is very strong and tall with a powerful shot. He has a good power free kick and wins everything from corners and crosses.


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    • BazzaBomb profile image

      BazzaBomb 5 years ago

      No worries, Vidal is still a good midfielder because he is a good all rounder in terms of pace, passing, shooting and defending.

    • Mini Man Me profile image

      Mini Man Me 5 years ago


      Oh yeh, i never thought of him, he is probably better than Vidal in this team because he is fast and is more attacking based

    • BazzaBomb profile image

      BazzaBomb 5 years ago

      Good hub, I have a pretty similar team on the whole, but I would recommend the CAM Giovinco from Parma because he is fairly cheap and has 91 place and 4* skill which is really good for attacking.