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Fifa 15 Things We Would Like

Updated on March 24, 2014

Fifa 15


I'm sure that some of you reading this will know me from one of two places, Either here on hub-pages where I have been writing quality gaming hubs and more specifically Fifa hubs for over 5 years and am still getting views on my hubs about Fifa 10 ultimate team, Or you know me from my you-tube channel Gamevolution657, Which is in a transition and about to become more of a twitch streaming channel.

However you know my name or even if you don't and haven't come across me yet, I have been involved in Fifa since its first release back in 1993, I have seen it evolve and have even seen the ultimate team series before it was on a fifa game, It was in a champions league game the year or two before it made its debut for Fifa 09.

What I am going to be discussing in the next few paragraphs is what I have enjoyed in Fifa 14 and what I expect or would like from Fifa 15, Hopefully you guys can also mention in the comments section what changes you would like for Fifa 15.

What I Enjoyed From Fifa 14

For those that care and even those that don't, I recently purchased an Xbox One, Now I already had been playing Fifa 14 for around 5 months before I got my Xbox One so I had put the hours in but let me tell you the difference on next gen is staggering, It is simply beautiful to look at and the replays are very realistic, The game-play hasn't changed an awful lot but I'm expecting some big changes for Fifa 15.

I am going to be basing what I have enjoyed from Fifa 14 on Xbox one as that is the console I will be buying Fifa 15 on. The things that have impressed me are the continual leap forward that happens with Career mode, every year they make it better and better and with the disc space available on Xbox One I'm expecting big things with the next installment.

Ultimate Team is always a joy to play and again will expect great improvement again for the next game. Be A Pro Is great but does need a little work in my eyes but more on that in a bit.
The music again this year is incredibly addictive and just right for the game. The game-play has improved but there are still some areas for improvement which again I will talk about shortly.

It is fair to say that this series does keep improving and is just not a rehashed football game each year. It is without doubt as a football fan one of my favorite games and one I can keep coming back to all the way up to the new version.

Fifa 15 Basic Improvements To Ultimate Team

The main Game mode that I play is Ultimate Team and it always has been, I love lots of things about it and they improved last years with extras such as searching for a specific player on the market (Genius) There are however a few changes I would like to see made this year.

I would like to see an extra time slot added to the selling auctions such as a quick sell of 10 minutes, If you have a really good player, very rarely do you need an hour or more to make the sale.

I would also like to see a change to the chemistry system, I like the chemistry styles as I love applying the different stat upgrades and seeing the effects. The only problem I have is if it truly is ultimate team then you should be able to put any players you want in your squad, I realise that this is possible but usually you are penalised with poor chemistry, I would like EA to implement some kind of chemistry which can be earned by perhaps performing tasks to get your players to bond, also perhaps it would increase during training sessions.

On the topic of training sessions this could be something a little different from skill tasks and you could perhaps get all the players on the training pitch and perform drills to improve your chemistry. I know a little crazy and perhaps this wouldnt be viable but its just an idea.

Its a bit of a given that the graphics are gonna get an upgrade and also we will be provided with a new soundtrack but also what I am hoping for a bit of an upgrade on the gameplay.

Be A Pro

I only started playing Be A Pro on Fifa 13 and to be honest with you I love it, I think the way in which you have to perform in game skills to increase your overall skill level is very addictive and this part of the game is also going to go from strength to strength.

I feel they could possibly add a few new features such as being able to add training games in whereby you can also up your skills, or the ability to be able to have a say on what sponsorship deals you are going to get with your new club which means you can only wear one pair of boots from a specific maker.

I realise this is all going a bit deep but as football fans sometimes we want to feel a little immersed.

Career Mode

Career mode is something I am hoping they use the full potential of the next gen consoles to produce something really special, Career mode apart from Ultimate team is one of my favourite things about fifa. What Im hoping they expand upon is perhaps the pre match interviews with the press and also maybe a bit more expansion with the transfer market with buying and selling players. I feel a bit more negotiation would bring some more excitement.

I believe that with the extra processing power that the new consoles have if we could get close to having a stat heavy career mode along the lines of Championship manager combined with the gameplay of Fifa would be amazing.

General Improvements

There are still a few things missing from Fifa 14 which bug the hell out of me and im sure lots of other people too. Ea are slowly getting around to adding some of them in. For example I play a lot of ultimate team against my friends and in previous Fifa's it would not go on your overall record for wins losses and draws. They have since fixed that for Fifa 14 and now it is recorded.

What I would like to see in Fifa 15 on the ultimate team game is to have your Play A Friend online stats recorded to save the arguments between me and my mates over who is best. So a separate set of stats that just shows wins and goals scored etc against your friends ultimate team.

I feel the match making system from fifa 14 could do with upgrading especially when it comes to Pro clubs, I have only just recently got into this mode and am enjoying it but it seems that unless you have 8 players or more in your team you just get beasted.

I would like to see an in-game option for turning off the auto recording on xbox one. On fifa it is quite possibly the most irritating thing I have ever seen, At least 10 times a match I get "Punched It Out" recorded and there is no way of stopping it unless you turn off the entire recording system but then you cant even manually ask the xbox to record a great goal.


All in all I'm really looking forward to the new Fifa as it will be entirely made for the next gen consoles so I am expecting a radical change, weather that comes or not remains to be seen. Stay tuned for lots of Fifa 15 articles nearer to release date and as and when I get news on the game. Leave your comments underneath with your ideas for me to read as I would be interested in anything I may have missed

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