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Fifa 18 Ultimate Team - How To Make 40,000 Coins Per Day

Updated on April 19, 2018
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Lee has been a video game fanatic for over 30 years now and has vast experience in many video games, please visit his profile. Thanks

Making Coins Is Never Easy

So making coins on Fifa Ultimate Team is never easy but unfortunatly is the only way to progress and lets face it you want as good a team as you can so you can show off to your mates and also do well in the weekend league or on Squad battles.

I'm going to be honest with you, despite many great Fifa articles I have written in the past I've never been the greatest trader, I'm very good at making and building teams but when it comes to trading I have always seemed to struggle, Yes I have been able to make 10k here and there and on the odd occasion maybe 100k in a weekend session but usually its very hard work for me, so to have success with this method was a bit of an eye opener.

How This Coin Making Method Helped Others

Now I have already explained how well this method worked for me but it also worked very well for a friend of mine, Now he has never traded on the ultimate team market in his life, his main game is playing and earning coins then using those coins to do SBC'S and then opening the packs received from these. Occasionally he is lucky but as most of you who open packs know, many times he is not

I told him the specific set up for the market search and he was making coins instantly and with about 20 minutes work in the morning before work and the same again in the evening he was making anywhere between 10-20k per day. Now it might not seem like a lot but when you look at it weekly it adds up. Between 70-140k per week on top of his game coins and his weekend league/squad battle coins means he was pulling in 200k a week and this is from a bang average player and less than average trader.

Right on to the method...

The Coin Making Method That Worked For Me

So as you can see from the picture above it revolves around silver players, before you start saying you dont know much about silver players, just relax, you dont need to, I dont know much about most of them either, only the more popular ones and we wont be trading with those anyway, this is a low coin cost but high turnover method. Now you can start with just 2 or 3k, I personally recomend you need at least 10k to start but you can start on less. You are going to be targeting everyone who likes to complete the league SBC'S, so the main leagues you are searching to buy your silver players are Calcio A, Bundesliga, Liga Nos, Liga Bancomer, Ligue 1 Conforma

The parameters you need to set on the market are as follows

  • Player Card: Silver
  • Specific League (Choose from those above)
  • Player Position: Any, (Central Midfielders and centre backs return most value)
  • Player bid price: Max of 200> this is important, try not to go over this figure.

Player Bidding

Now once the above parameters are entered just do your searching, The main thing your looking for is any player that has entered a starting bid of 150, this means that the player is most likely needed for an SBC, bid on that player for 200 coins and then move down the line and bid on the next one and the next one until your trade pile is at max which is usually around the 50 bids max mark.

Now this is important so I am going to make it bold and obvious, DO NOT BID OVER 250 COINS FOR A PLAYER, sorry just had to capture your attention. If you do your really limiting the profit you may make, You might get away with it once or twice but eventually it comes back and bites you on the.... well you get the drift.

Now lots of people just sell silver players on the market at open bid without knowing that the player could be used in an SBC and this is why and how you will capitalize. Out of the 50 bids you placed earlier I would expect you to maybe win 7 or 8 of those players, Great lets list them and then you can move back to bidding on some more.

Listing Your Winning Bids

Now on to the fun part where you make thousands of coins, now click on the players you have won and they will all appear on the same screen, on each one you need to click on compare so you can compare the player you won with every other version of that player on the market. You are looking to see what the max BIN price is and the average BIN price, You ideally want to list your players at around the same or lower than the lowest BIN price but obviously above the price you paid.

Here is an example I did yesterday: I brought a player from Calcio A called Boldor who plays for Hellas Verona. I bidded at 200 coin and won him. I then scrolled through all the over versions of him and saw that the average BIN price was around 650 coins. The lowest I saw was 600 coins. So I listed him up at a start price of 300 so if he gets a winning bid placed at 300 I still make profit. Then the BIN I put at 600 as well. Hey presto 20 minutes later he had been sold at 600.

People looking for SBC players generally do BIN as they are too lazy to wait and bid over the course of an hour, I know I am. So at 600 coins and EA tax of 30 coins you are left with 570, Minus your bid of 200 leaves you with 370 coins profit, Now this doesn't sound like a lot but remember some will sell for less than that but at least 50% will sell for more, I would say my average sale price is around the 1000 mark. Once you have put your players up for sale which should only take a few minutes then you can go straight back to bidding on more. Keep this up and you can sell easily 30 or 40 players an hour.

Remember to compare, that is the most important thing to do as it gives you the average price for that particular player, You will never sell or make profit if your price is too high. You can also try different silver players as well, I tried English midfielders and did quite well with this however I suggest until you get the hang of this mass bidding and listing to stick to the main Leagues that are currently SBC's

How Much Will I Make Though

Well the Above question does depend on how much time you put in and the results of your sales but I would say an average would be 10-20k per 2 or 3 hours. some more or some less but somewhere in that region, I have made 40k in a day and that was around 6-7 hours of bidding and relisting. Not the quickest method im sure but one that works every single time.

Just think winning 8-10 players in the first 20 minutes then reselling those with an average profit of 400 coins and your 4k up in less than an hour.

My Friend who was poor at trading like I explained earlier in the article made quite a bit, He did really well with one particular player that he saw in the compare section was really high on BIN so he kept bidding on all of them and was making 1300 profit per player, he sold 10 very quickly.

Trading Profit

How Much Profit On Average Do You Make Per Week

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