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Filipino Beats Current NBA Greats At Their Own Game

Updated on November 10, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel Live Pop-A-Shot Challenge

Ricardo Reyes is in his 40s and works full time as a bus boy at Barney's Beanery. He stands 5'7" and weighs a measly 148 pounds.

But this humble man has beaten NBA greats of our time, in their own game. Well not really inside the basketball hard court for that would really be embarrassing for those NBA superstars.

But he has taken them home at a game of pop-a-shot. If you aren't familiar with the term, just go to any arcade or sports bar. And yes they do have it at the place where Ricardo works at West Hollywood, California. And he will gladly take on any opponent if they dare take him on.

In 2010, he challenged 5 NBA Greats and you can see for yourself in the videos below what happened in each one of them. Jimmy Kimmel brought the challenges live on his show on ABC 7.

Here's the first one Ricardo Reyes versus the King himself, 25 years young, 6 feet 8 inches and 255 pounds of MVP muscle, LeBron James.

First Pop-A-Shot Challenge:

Lebron James vs Ricardo Reyes

Ricardo's next challenge came from the ageless 11 time NBA All Star Charles Barkley. Charles used an unorthodox technique and using both his left and right hand to shoot. Let's watch below if Sir Charles did any better than the trashing LeBron got as he got burned 30 points by the unassuming 5 foot 7 pro busboy, Ricardo Reyes.

2nd Pop-A-Shot Challenge:

Charles Barkley vs Ricardo Reyes

Now after Ricardo just walloped Barkley by winning with a 34 point margin, he gets to match up with his best challenge yet, shooting expertly with either hand fellow LA resident Black Mamba Kobe Bryant -- 6'6" 250 lbs. Let's watch this great match up.

3rd Pop-A-Shot Challenge:

Kobe Bryant vs Ricardo Reyes

Now after Ricardo narrowly won over his favorite NBA player, Kobe Bryant (narrow as in just winning by 24 points), he now takes on the most Kardiashious NBA player today, Lamar Odom-- 6'10" 230 lbs. Lamar played with wife Khloe cheering him on. Let's watch this challenge.

4th Pop-A-Shot Challenge:

Lamar Odom vs Ricardo Reyes

Now after Ricardo buried Lamar with 49 points he takes on his final challenge of the year and putting his title on the line against sweet shooting forward 6'8" Carmelo Anthony.

If Reyes wins this last challenge he gets to bring home the grand prize -- a 2011 Ford Mustang. Let's watch if this game will be any different than the previous four challenges.

5th Pop-A-Shot Challenge:

Carmelo Anthony vs Ricardo Reyes

New Challenge For 2011

After demolishing all the great NBA names last year, Ricardo comes back this year with taking on 6 foot 10 LA power forward Blake Griffin.

Well after watching him play rough shots over 5 NBA greats last year, this year Ricardo is going to challenge slam dunk champ Blake Griffin blind folded. And this should be very competitive indeed, let's watch it.

2011 Pop-A-Shot Challenge:

Blake Griffin vs Ricardo Reyes (blindfolded)

Okay, for all you non-believers still, Ricardo NBA Killer Reyes, did a challenge at ESPN with ESPN's SportsNation's Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd.

This time, Ricardo had to beat their combined scores plus he had to do with an added disadvantage--like with Carmelo, he had to shoot blindfolded as well.

So now we can actually see if he is for real or just a lucky fluke!

ESPN Pop-a-Shot Ultimate Challenge:

Ricardo on ESPN's SportsNation


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    J@ps 6 years ago from Southern California

    You are welcome rai!

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    rai2722 6 years ago

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