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Final Fantasy 13 gil farming guide

Updated on January 9, 2013
Final Fantasy XIII logo image.
Final Fantasy XIII logo image.


Final Fantasy XIII is a role-playing game for the Playstation 3, developed by Square-Enix. A lot of end game content, such as leveling up weapons to their maximum power, requires a great deal of gil, the ingame currency. There are many ways to obtain gil, but the most efficient means are by defeating monsters with rare drops, which you sell back to shops. Below is a few tips on how to get more gil quickly.

Chocobo Gil Farming Video

Fang riding a chocobo.
Fang riding a chocobo.

Chocobo Digging - Chocobo Hot & Cold

This is one way you can obtain gil. All you need is a chocobo and access to all areas on Pulse. First, you have to finish mission #14 to unlock chocobos, after, you need 5 minutes per run to look through all areas which you can access the items from. If you need help, the video above shows you the areas you need to dig at. Once you finish digging, exit the map and enter again to start over.

Here is a list of items and their percent drop:

12.84% - Millerite - 1000gil
12.84% - Rhodochrosite - 2000gil
12.65% - Cobaltite - 3000gil
10.19% - Chocobo Plume - 20gil
9.94%  - Chocobo Tail Feather - 50gil
9.52%  - Gold Dust - 15,000gil
8.04%  - Dawnlight Dew - 500gil
7.55%  - Dusklight Dew - 850gil
4.75%  - Gold Nugget - 60,000gil
5.00%  - Moogle Puppet - 18,000gil
6.32%  - Plush Chocobo - 35,000gil 

Adamantoise - the wrong party!
Adamantoise - the wrong party!

Adamantoise Killing

On Pulse, you should see a larger turtle-like monster. This is the Adamantoise. The problem with this monster is you probably cannot kill it until you are max level. Thankfully, there is a secret to doing it: Vanille. You must set Vanille as your party leader and she must have the Death skill. She is the only character who gets it.

Once you enter battle, immediately use her summon. This will break the Adamantoise's legs. After, start casting death over and over, and with any luck, it will kill the monster before he gets up. If it doesn't, retry and do it again. Keep repeating until he dies.

With any lucky, you'll snag an item you can sell for 200,000 to 400,000 gil each.

Ci'eth Farming Video

The Ci'eth before you beat the game

At the start of Chapter 13, just before the portals, you should see a pack of Ci'eth. These are 3 Sacrifice Ci'eth. There is a second set of 4. If you kill them, you can get about 20,000 gil. They take less than two minutes to kill - even faster if you are well leveled and geared. It is recommended you use debuffs to kill them. They have large mounts of defense and HP, so if you debuff them, you can kill them much faster. After you kill them, save and reload to make them respawn or exit the screen and enter again. You can kill these monsters over and over again to keep getting the rewards.


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