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Feral Druids & Skins, Taking names & over the world, 1 day at a time!

Updated on July 8, 2012

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Here kitty kitty..."RAWR", Omg RUN!!!!

If you've ever made the choice to play the druid class from the beginning then you already know that it is a hybrid class, some would say that its the 'Jack of all trades, but master of none'. Although this is slightly true, an experienced gamer might think quite differently, Its what makes the elite and unique Feral Druids stand out from the rest.

Knowing to play 1 specialization is fine, but using your other shape-shifting abilities to its fullest advantage gives you an edge over other players. it is the Cat or bear that you choose to play that can either withstand solid amounts of damage / pressure and return apply the same amount of damage and pressure on foes and Targets alike.

Step into the world of the feral druid for a moment, you will see that it has the basic fundamentals of all the classes present in the game. You have the caster side, the healing spec, Tank and melee DPS as well. No other class is as versatile as the Druid class. But moving onto the Feral side of the druid. The art of mastering melee can be a challenge and yet if it can be mastered, it can be truly annoying facing down a bear or a cat that's highly skilled in damage per sec (DPS) and or a brilliant escape artist with unique mobility tools such as Stealth and Dash.

Shape-shifting & Prioritizing stats

Knowing your Abilities makes you an average player, To be exceptional, one has to master the art of shape-shifting and thus using its abilities the form presents you with.
If shape-shifting is something you're experienced with, then to turn the gameplay into something even more enhanced would be learning how to use key-bindings / macros which would very much keep you 1 step ahead of other players. Although awareness is something every Feral druid must learn to accept and train hard on their surroundings to further their elite skills in using everything to their advantage.

Concerning your stats, Focus on agility as your primary and mastery as your secondary to increase your bleed damage per tick. your other burst moves will obviously reflect on how high your agility is.

Taking it Old School

An old school druid will always tell you, no matter how many patches come and go, nerfing or buffing up the class a unique player will always stay true and find a way around it to specialize in other areas using their weakness as a new found strength and especially if you enjoy playing the feral build itself.

Further enhancement of your gameplay would see to a players character customization such as glyphs, although they might seem unimportant, it will however give you a significant amount on uptime improving all aspects of your class. choosing the right glyphs will ensure you know what you're doing and or are capable of.

The game doesn't end on you just practicing on target dummies all day. your real experience building will come from taking part in a lot of pvp where nothing is calculated or feels like you've been put into a playground with toys created just for you. The world of pvp is forever changing and learning to adapt with that on a daily bases will definitely make you an advanced player. So much so that even when you tackle bosses in Raids / dungeons you will stand out from the rest of your party and raid, only because you've tested and experimented enough.

It is true that professional players are predictable and its the newbs who are dangerous, but its those very newbies who are forever learning and always constantly trying to better themselves, even after hours and days of mastering the feral side of the druid.

Is the Druid Class for me?

Any player you come across will tell you that if the first class you've started playing was feral that no matter how much you play the other classes, you will feel that you've somewhat know what the warrior does because your bear can do the same, and what the rogues do, the cat does the same. similar to the shaman or mage, your Moonkin form does the same & obviously healer classes such as the priest, your restoration tree spec does the same. a mass variety and yet very unique.

Master the feral Druid class & you will see yourself being invited to endgame content such as raiding and or high rated endgame teams. Be sure to advance your gaming skills by getting familiar with key-bindings and you will find unique form of gaming at your fingertips.

I am known to most people in the gaming community as Nox as a professional gamer. I have tried tested & counter experimented with statistics, formulas & even written thesis on what works and what doesn't. My only aim is to make sure players get the best they deserve and use every valuable resource to becoming an elite player & turning it into more than just a game, to stand out from the crowd and feel confident when they know they have mastered the skills. Since online gaming is all about Social interactive gaming. Its worth it when you share to help others have fun being part of the community.

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      Kaylee_Rumsfield 5 years ago

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