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Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

Updated on September 22, 2012

The Best FPS Game Of 2011?

There is much commentary of which games are the best for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Also, more commonly these days, you will also see a category for the best Wii games as well. Despite this, the results for the number one top suggested "FPS" video games, usually end up with two games relatively high up in the rankings... Those two games are:

  • Battlefield 3.


  • Modern Warfare 3.

This hub is going to compare which of the two FPS (first person shooter) games to see which one is the most dominant, and to advise you whether you should buy one over the other. Remember that the results for this comparison will be mostly from opinion, and therefore you might have similar/different vews to mine. Alas, let us begin with the video game comparison!

Modern Warfare 3 Shotgun and Character.

All credit for this picture goes to Spetsnats and "Activision" a.k.a the creators of MW3.
All credit for this picture goes to Spetsnats and "Activision" a.k.a the creators of MW3. | Source

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer By Activision.

Modern Warfare 3 is often referred as Modern Warfare 2.5. This is usually the "mocking" language form the gamer community, as they think that everything in Modern Warfare 3 is the same as Modern Warfare 2, except there are some decent fixes and repairs along the way. (Not including an update is their graphics.)

However, you shouldn't let this one view turn you off purchasing it...

The gameplay is still as exciting as ever, with multiple guns, perks, attachments and now 'proficiencies' for you to rank up and gain! This is in my opinion one of the things that Modern Warfare does right in their games, as it always gives the player something new to do. Also, it gives room for some friendly competition from other players, who will challenge you to rank up the fastest. Also, due to the function of the voice chat and text chat (if you play on PC), you are able to have witty banter conversations, whilst having fun playing the game.

Although, most people use this to scream abuse at each other for being bad at the game....

Another great thing which Modern Warfare 3 has included is the amazing theatre mode, which allows you to record all your gameplays and then store them for later use. You'll want this for when you accidentally pull off something unbelievably crazy in-game, and you had forgotten or simply hadn't been recording at the time. This theatre mode let's the user take videos and snapshots form any different convenient angles and positions, which admittedly do look relatively cool when uploaded to

Battlefield 3 Gameplay Picture.

A picture I took in-game whilst airborne in one of the jets in Battlefield 3. In the distance you can see a huge amount of burning tress, which are just some of the amazing graphical features of this game.
A picture I took in-game whilst airborne in one of the jets in Battlefield 3. In the distance you can see a huge amount of burning tress, which are just some of the amazing graphical features of this game. | Source

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer By EA.

In relation to Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 is a completely different kind of game.

Whilst still based on the aspect of "Modern Warfare", the game does have several dominant factors which certainly overwhelm Modern Warfare 3. The first noticeable difference on Battlefield 3, is that it does take a certain level of skill and hand-eye co-ordination to succeed. Hence, why there are usually more people spending their time running around like maniacs on MW3 (or camping...), then actually playing in a realistic fashion like in Battlefield 3.

Also, one of the most impressive things about Battlefield 3 is the superb graphics that are implemented into the game. Almost every aspect or detail looks completely realistic on battlefield 3, even when playing jet planes in the sky over the huge maps which EA are most reputable for. (This obviously leads for more freedom with the choices you can make whilst playing.)

Another point to consider is that (like Modern Warfare 3), as you rank up to higher levels in the multiplayer, you unlock and are applicable to using new equipment and weapons. Whilst there isn't so much in the way of perks and proficiencies, there is a lot more when it comes to customisation of the class and the vehicles!

Unlike Modern Warfare 3, you are no longer limited to travelling by foot all the time... Want to shoot down planes and other 'air vehicles' whilst flying in the air at high speeds? Battlefield lets you do that. Want to be on the offensive at an enemies nearby base with a tank, which fires ammunition that will obliterate the enemy troops? Battlefield lets you do just that and more!

In all honesty, without being too bias I do find it surprisingly difficult to find anything particularly wrong with Battlefield 3. Although, I assume that one possible complaint is that the game is so action packed and graphically enhanced, that a lot of PC users might find that their computers can't handle the intensity of the game. Yet, that isn't relatively speaking a problem with the game, as much as the individuals computer.

Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 Comparison.

Finally, to round off the argument here, let's weigh up the different aspects of both games head to head, to see which one remains the most dominant in the online gaming world...

Modern Warfare 3.


  • Easy, 'no skill' based gameplay that newbies to video gaming can enjoy.
  • A wide variety of choice regarding Guns, equipment, perks and other useful additions to your classes.
  • Quick, fast paced gameplay that will engage you both emotionally and physically.
  • Easy communication between players using a microphone or text.
  • Challenges and Kill-Streaks, which motivate players to try to do better in game.


  • Too easy to kill people with the "Over-powered" weapons.
  • People abuse the glitches in the game to their own personal advantage.
  • Too many people exploit hacks and cheats making the game un-fair an to their advantage.
  • Too many people are content to "camp" for their kills and literally not move for an entire game.
  • Infinity Ward often don't fix issues with their game until much later on, when no one particularly cares about developments of the game.
  • Needed internet access to install the game.

Now moving onto Battlefield 3 which evidently will be more dominant in this argument, however whether or not it is more 'fun' than MW3 is another factor in itself.

Battlefield 3:


  • Skill based gameplay with a wide variety of equipment and weapons to use to your advantage.
  • HUGE maps which enable you to flank and be more creative with your engagement into defeating the enemy.
  • Vehicles that you can use to help you get around the maps quicker, as well as support your team from the skies.
  • A less "child-based" community of players, who will very rarely interrupt your game by screaming down their microphones at you.
  • A good selection of guns and attachments for you to choose from.
  • Graphics which emphasise the realism of the game.


  • Too graphically enhanced for some PC players.
  • Needed internet access even to install the game.
  • Occasionally too hard for the average online gamer to enjoy.

Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 Are BOTH Great Games!

In terms of being fun, exciting and above all action packed, both of these online FPS multiplayer games are brilliant in their own way. So, to answer the question that many people will ask, as to whether Battlefield 3 is better than Modern Warfare 3, the answer is yes in terms of an overall view. Although, what we've got to understand is that different people have different views, and it is known that some people love MW3 but hate BF3.

Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer, there is only opinion...

Interesting Video On The Comparison Between MW3 and Battlefield 3.

Buy Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 from!

MW3 vs BF3.

Which woudl you rather buy out of MW3 and BF3?

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