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Fisher Price Kid Tough Portable DVR Player - Release Date, Price & News

Updated on August 21, 2012

On this page we are going to take a close look at the new Fisher Price Kid Tough Portable DVR Player. We will review the new DVR and also talk about the release date, price and where you can pick one of these up from. The Kid Tough range from Fisher Price has been very popular in recent years and this new portable DVR player looks like being another really good product.

Fisher Price have been releasing Kid Tough products for a while now. The idea behind these is that they are fully working electronic devices that are capable of taking a beating from children. So instead of worrying that your iPad is going to get broken while your little terrors watch the latest episode of Dinosaur Train, you can now give them their own device that is safe and extremely tough. So the latest release from Fisher Price is going to be a DVR player. So let’s take a look at this.

Kid Tough DVR

The New Portable DVR From Fisher Price

So the new Kid Tough Portable DVR Player from Fisher Price really does look impressive. In case you are unsure, DVR stands for digital video recorder. Fisher Price have already released a similar item which is a portable DVD player, but the difference with this new one is that you can record your children’s favourite shows right off the TV. This is perfect as it means when you are on a car journey or maybe you are watching something on your TV, you can set your kids watching the portable player and they can watch all their own shows.

Fisher Price always try and make these products as simple as possible. The DVR comes with a touch screen and it will display all the shows recorded on it. It’s easy to locate a show and then start watching. There are simply buttons which allow children to skip forward or back, pause or stop the show they are watching. The interface is designed to be easy to understand and the buttons are simple to get the hang of.

It is slightly more complicated to record the shows from the TV but once set up children can probably even manage this, although this function is more for the parents to do. The DVR comes with a little dock station, when placed on this it will start charging. You connect your dock to your set top box and then the rest is simple. Whatever is playing on the TV can easily be recorded by just pressing a button. You can set the player to record for a selected amount of time or just till you come back and press stop. Once you have uploaded the desired shows you simply remove the device from the dock and it is ready to use.

The Kid Tough Portable DVR comes with 2 hours of memory but you can buy a 32GB micro SD card which will increase the memory considerably. The battery life lasts for four hours when fully charged. The screen is a reasonable size and offers a good quality picture.

Also In Pink

Release Date, Price & Availability

When it comes to release date for the Fisher Price DVR this is something of a mystery. Early in the year it was said to be coming in May 2012 but now we are into August and still no sign of it anywhere. So we are expecting it to come out sometime in September so it will be out well in time for Christmas. Last year toys such as the Leapfrog Leappad Explorer and the Spin & Smile camera were released around this time and they sold very well over the Christmas period. If we do get a definite release date we will update our page and let you know when this is available.

As for price we are looking at around the $150 mark. So not overly expensive for a good quality piece of kit. When these do come out they should be available from the major retailers and of course they should also be easy to pick up online. If these sell as well as Fisher Price are hoping then there should be a big rush on these over the holiday period.

The DVR comes in two colors so you have a choice between blue and pink. The casing is thick and very sturdy so you can drop these all day long and you should have no problems with breakages.

Accessories & Extras

The actual DVR looks really good on it’s own but there are a few extras that Fisher Price are making available. You can pick up a pair of headphones to use along with your player, ideal if you don’t want to have to listen to cartoons while you are driving around. These come again in blue or pink and are soft and durable and obviously designed to fit on small heads.

Another handy additional product that is available is a car charger. If you are going on long journeys and want to top the battery up every now and again this can be something very useful to have on hand.

Kid Tough products seem to be all the rage with the big toy companies at the moment. A big release we have seen this year is the Kurio Tablet which is almost like an iPad for children. Fisher Price are hoping that with releases like the Kid Tough Portable DVR Player they will be able to compete in the technology market with some of the other big hitters. This new product does look like it should do really well and when it finally gets it’s release we are expecting it to be very popular with children and adults alike.


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