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Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

Updated on July 8, 2014

Children are too sedentary. Playing video games instead of playing outside will make them overweight and sluggish. Have you said that about your own kids lately? If so, the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle is an option that even the kids will love. The Smart Cycle is a stationary bike specially built for kids from 3 years to 6 years old. Plant a seed that exercise is fun while they are young and hopefully it will continue to grow as they do.

The Smart Cycle teaches coordination of the legs, hands, arms, eyes and mind. As the kids play they are guided to interact with the television screen. Feeling like part of the action is an intuitive way to learn. The Smart Cycle is sized and designed for preschool age children. It looks cool and is sturdy enough that the child can pedal as fast as their little legs will go without becoming unstable. If there is one downside – it is that it requires 4 D-cell batteries to operate.


The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle is interactive. After being connected to a television the Smart Cycle lets the little ones pedal their way through games and learning adventures. Various software titles featuring animated characters such as those found in Toy Story encourage skills of writing, spelling, counting, and solving problems. Kids learn about shapes and how to recognize the similarities and differences. As the fun continues they learn reasoning and motor skills without realizing it.


If you have worked out on a stationary bike it is obvious that rest is necessary once and a while. The Smart Bike is no different. As their muscles get the “burn” the kids will stop pedaling. Their interest will stay engaged however because the games and learning will continue with the use of a joystick. After catching their breath they can pick-up the pace by participating in a race.   



Some of the best know characters available in Smart Cycle software include those from Toy Story, Shrek, Thomas, Cars, SpongeBob, SKOOBY-Do, Dinosaurs, Elmo, Dora and others too numerous to mention here. Each software package is in the form of a cartridge that the child is able to insert at their whim. The Learning Adventure game cartridge is included with the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle and provides three different ways to learn while playing.  


The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle will cost approximately $79 whether online on from a local store. The game cartridges will cost approximately $20 each. For family and friends that never know what to buy for the kids, this system provides numerous ideas. When the weather outside is not conducive for outdoor activities the Smart Cycle provides a lot of fun inside. Some assembly is required at the start but after that the Smart Cycle is ready to go whenever the kids are ready to go.


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    • profile image

      asiya4 7 years ago

      Way cool hub, I was going to get some info for my mother cos she wants one of these. I will surely pass this wonderfully great hub on to her!