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Fisher Price TRIO Set - Castle and City Building Sets

Updated on August 18, 2015

Fisher Price TRIO

The TRIO building sets include bricks, sticks, panels, and other pieces that you put together to build castles, watch houses, gatehouses, airports, and other buildings. The pieces are easy for kids to attach and click together without having to use any extra force. When they hear a "snap," the pieces are fully connected.

You can purchase the different buildings in the different sets- castle or city- and make cool scenes by changing the action panels. The action panels can be a bit tricky to snap into place, so some children may have a little trouble; adult assistance may be required with this.

Each set comes with easy-to-follow instructions on how to build the particular building. You can choose to follow the example in the instructions, or you can make your own design using the pieces that come in the kit.

The TRIO building sets are made to work your child's creativity and imagination. Each set comes with plenty of accessories that playtime will be more than just a few minutes. So, whether your child is building a castle or something that belongs in the city, the TRIO sets provide children with the tools they need for an imaginative experience.

Just be careful for children under 3 because the building sets contain small pieces that can easily become a choking hazard.

TRIO Castle

The castle set of Fisher Price TRIO buildings is pretty cool, and probably more imaginative than the city set. Some of the buildings come with working draw bridges, hidden jails, trap floors, secret rooms, as well as cannons, figurines, swords, and other accessories.

With knights, wizards, dragons, and horses, the castle sets are a perfect way to get your child's creativity rolling. Kids will love being able to act out sieges, battles, prisoners, and escapes. Some kits contain working cannons, catapults, and battering rams.

They can be a defender working to fight off the invaders, or they can pretend to be the invaders. The castle building sets are great individually, but your child will get much more playtime and experience with more than one set because they can be rearranged and moved around so that each time the story will be different.


The city set isn't quite as extensive as the TRIO Castle building sets, but your children can still have a good time with the airport, cargo loader, fire station, and police station. The different sets come with vehicles, people, and other accessories.

The figures even fit inside the cars so that the firefighter can drive to the fire in his firetruck to make sure that the fire gets put out. The policeman can race in his cop car to ensure the bad guy is caught.

Depending on what you child wants to create, he can make a full city atmosphere and have his figures keep everything in check. The options are a little limited, but this city will soon to grow as more buildings are produced and more people move into town.

Depending on what TRIO set you're looking at, the number of pieces that it contains will vary. Most of the sets contain at least 50 pieces, more so averaging around 100 pieces. Make sure to keep any extra pieces in a ziplock or some kind of sealed bag or container so that pets or other younger children in the house can't get to them.


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    • sabbatha1 profile image


      8 years ago from

      Very nice hub. Children actually love it. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

    • neysajasper profile image


      9 years ago

      From pastfew years i was searching something creative for my toddlers now i got. Thanks for information

    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 

      9 years ago from Tucson, Az

      even after all these yrs I am still finding legos and tiny pieces to He Man in various vases, in the sofa etc :) bur oh the kids loved all the playsets oftheir era and this hub brought back good xmas day memories...the one time all the pieces were in sight, in place, at one time lol!

    • Vizey profile image


      9 years ago

      Nice hub its is really creative for children thanks for your hub


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