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Five Basics to Counter Strike Global Offensive

Updated on June 11, 2014

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Some Pistol Variants in CSGO


1. Learn the Pistol

In every game type within Counter Strike Global Offensive, there comes a time when you must use the always reliable, secondary weapon. In the different game modes; from competitive to casual, the pistol is a very useful tool to become talented with.

In the competitive game mode for example, the first couple of rounds prove to be the most important rounds in a match. It's within these first rounds that each team has the same amount of money to spend on weapons roughly. However, both teams start with pistols in the first round and $800, whoever takes the first round, comes into the proceeding rounds with a clear advantage.


2. Deathmatch & Gun Game

The two game modes considered to be the most laid back, can be sometimes the more stressful ones. Especially when they become a part of your daily routine, getting warmed up with these game modes is a must for anyone looking for success when it comes to competitive matches.

Deathmatch is a simple team versus team, instant respawn and unlimited amount of buy money. You gain points by killing the opponent, there's also "limited time" weapons which grant you bonus points when you eliminate an enemy using them. There's one objective to this game type, and that's kill the enemy.

Gun Game is a whole other aspect to Counter Strike entirely. Players start out with a weapon and they work their way up the kill chain, unlocking a new weapon with each kill. Eventually you work your way up high enough that in order for you to attain victory, you need to complete a knife kill. Overall, it's another great way to get warmed up for some casuals or competitive play, much alike the Deathmatch game mode.

Friberg (Pro) Explaining Aim Map CSGO

3. Aiming Practice

It's essential in any first person shooter that you become skilled enough with each weapon in the game that you would feel comfortable using it in a competitive match. That's where aiming practice comes in handy and it's one of the most essential skills in Counter Strike Global Offensive that isn't naturally gifted like good reflexes.

In Counter Strike Global Offensive, there are many different ways to increase your aiming skill. The first and probably the most known is joining a custom match with bots and just practicing on them until you feel comfortable doing the same with humans online in a casual match.

Aiming is the essential skill in CSGO because all of the other skills required to perform well can be acquired and kept without refreshing. Things like game knowledge and knowing the particular spots on each map are easy to remember, aiming must be recalibrated each time you open the game up and begin playing.


4. Competitive Gameplay

The competitive nature of Counter Strike Global Offensive is the most popular aspect of the game. The way to understand the game and progress higher in talent is to play competitive matches daily. Queuing up by yourself is yet another way to improve the challenge that you'll be facing in competitive games.

Everyone who plays Counter Strike Global Offensive understands that in order to compete in a serious environment with a team, you must play in the competitive game mode or on ESEA. It's everyone's understanding that in order to become a professional player, it's important to place in the higher ranks of the competitive ladder.

Competitive game mode is a 5 versus 5 match where voice communication is everything. Communicating with your team in Counter Strike GO competitive mode is the most important part of attaining victory each time. Consider this game type for those who are looking for something serious where trolls are rarely seen and where raging is more common than not.

Map Awareness Tutorial & Explanation

5. Map Awareness

Map Awareness is something that you cannot stress enough. Knowing which spots of the map to look for when hunting down the enemy is essential to being successful in your attempts to play CSGO. Being aware of where the enemy is also important in winning, especially if you're playing something like casuals where your team isn't going to be helping you.

One important part of awareness is having the correct sound and hearing it properly. Interpreting the sound you hear in the game correctly can be the difference between you or your enemy dying. Wearing a headset or gaming sound peripherals can help you determine where the sounds on the map are coming from.

When you play competitive matchmaking, your team will help you interpret these sounds. If you don't use their information alongside your own awareness, chances are you will have a bad time. Making the right calls and keeping positive throughout each and every match you play in Counter Strike Global Offensive is vital to winning as much as possible.


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