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Five Free Famous Sims! | Sims 3 Free Content Downloads

Updated on June 24, 2009

So you have the Sims 3, and you're growing a little tired of the preloaded sims and even those you can create yourself. Never fear, the Sims 3 is a constantly expanding universe of user generated content and within minutes you can abandon your old, boring Sims and be gleefully guiding the Grim Reaper, Barack Obama and many more famous sims through their destined career paths as determined by you.

In order to access freely downloadable content, you will need to register your product via the launcher. Once you have registered with an email address and jumped through a few minor hoops, you will be granted access to a free new map to play (Riverview, a city set around an island in the middle of the River, rather reminiscent of Manhattan.)

In addition to your new map, you'll also gain access to the store, where you can purchase new items for the game, including sims, lots, clothing, objects and more.

The Joker

The joker is a young adult sim in the peak of physical fitness. His weight sits at the bare minimum allowed by EA, and he possess a rather difficult character, being evil, insane, excitable, mean spirited, and on top of it all, a genius.

Download The Joker

Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is a surprisingly young adult possessing absolutely zero fitness, but a normal weight. He is absent minded, neurotic, a total couch potato, grumpy and childish. Not much to recommend him for sure, except for the fact that he is the ultimate collector of souls. I see him having great success in a medical career.

Download The Grim Reaper

Barack Obama

Are you a fan of Barack Obama? Would you like to see him become world leader? You could bring the Utopian dream of a one world government to life with this Sim, or you could alternatively have him die in the fire. The power is yours!

A lanky adult, decidedly on the thin side, Obama is an ambitious, charismatic workaholic, who has to have everything absolutely perfect and is not afraid to show his brave side.

Download Barack Obama

The Invisible Man

He's the invisible man, he's the invisible man, it's incredible how you can, see right through him!

A bony, though fit young adult, the Invisible Man is invisible only in his every day attire. He's not much of a romantic catch either, being a grumpy couch potato given to fits of childishness. His neurotic absent mindedness doesn't help much either.

Download The Invisible Man

Lady Gaga

You know who Lady Gaga is, little miss Poker Face. Much like in real life, in sim form she is young and trim. Character wise, she is an insane, excitable virtuoso who loves to party and lives to flirt. Sounds pretty bang on to me.

My only fault with this Sim is that they've entirely failed to capture the rather magnificent nose Lady Gaga sports. You can fix that up yourself in the 'create a Sim' section though.

Download Lady Gaga


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