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Five Things I Want To See From Sony At E3 2014

Updated on May 15, 2014

Sony effectively trounced Microsoft at last year's E3 by countering all of the Xbox One's then-negative features by touting Playstation 4's more gamer-friendly qualities and robust software line-up. Since then, Microsoft has reversed all of it's unpopular policies, which include the recent announcement of a Kinect-less Xbox One that will retail for the same price as the PS4. Now that the playing field is practically even, software will be an even greater deciding factor when choosing between the two consoles. Here's what I hope to see from Sony this year.

Big-Budget, Exclusive, Vita Games

I don't own a PS Vita. I'd like to, but other than Tearaway, many of the games I'm interested in are also available on my PS3 or PS4. That's very little incentive to drop cash on a $200 device (not to mention it's obscenely priced memory sticks). The Vita library is largely made up of quality indie titles and niche RPG's, but I want more high-caliber games like Uncharted, Killzone, or God of War that also make full use of the Vita's unique capabilities. Original, must-play, AAA experiences are the only things that will make turn the Vita into a strong, independent, platform because it still feels like an expensive accessory for Sony home consoles.

Playstation Now Launch Date

Sony's upcoming streaming service will allow users to stream games from PS1, PS2, and PS3 libraries through not only Sony consoles but Bravia TV's and mobile devices as well. That could be incredible if it works as advertised. The service has been available in beta form in select areas of the US and, according to Sony's website, should be ready for launch sometime this summer. I hope to hear a more concrete release date as well as some of the specific games that will be ready for streaming on day one.

Even More New IP

New franchises make the gaming world go round and while Sony's first-party has always been great, I want to see even more new ideas that will not only define the PS4, but the new generation as a whole. We already know that games like The Order: 1886 (above), DriveClub, and Capcom's Deep Down are coming, so I'm excited to see what will follow those titles after they release.

The Return of Old Favorites

Much to the chagrin of many gamers, there are a slew of franchises that helped define previous generations of Playstation that have been in silent hibernation. Announcing new-generation revivals of these popular series would be a huge feather in Sony's cap. Titles that immediately come to mind are Syphon Filter, Onimusha, Bushido Blade (above), Legacy of Kain, Tenchu, and, fueled by the rumor of it's re-purchase by Sony, Crash Bandicoot.

The Last F'n Guardian

For the love of all things furry and/or feathery, I go into every E3 hoping it's the year that we'll finally get even morsel of new information for this title and every year I'm greatly disappointed. Sony could literally show nothing else at it's conference except a new trailer and a release date and I'd declare them the show's winners for a second straight year. Allow me to paraphrase: I. Want. This. Game.

What do you want to see from Sony at E3 this year?


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