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Five Video Game Series that Need to be Rebooted

Updated on April 14, 2015

Syphon Filter

It's been years since gamers last took on the role of Gabe Logan and battled against the deadly virus known as Syphon Filter.

Why it was a big deal:

The Syphon Filter series began on the original Playstation and quickly became one of the most recognizable third person shooters available at the time. Some would argue that the original game in the series was ahead of its time - marking a new standard in visuals and story telling.

Chances of a reboot: 70%

Sony Bend, the development team behind the series, has been quietly working on an unannounced game for the past few years. Those itching to get back into this world, may just have their chance and we can expect to learn more about what Sony Bend is working on come this years E3 convention.



Conker the squirrel once dominated the video game world for Nintendo... but after the sale of Rare (the team behind the game) his future fell into limbo. After Microsoft purchased Rare, they quickly remade the successful game for the Xbox console, but the series has been relatively quiet ever since.

Why it was a big deal:

Conker had made a few appearances prior to the critically acclaimed "Conker's Bad Fur Day" - but it was BFD that truly made a name for the foul mouthed squirrel. Becoming one of the most successful games on the Nintendo 64 - Conker's Bad Fur Day proved that comedy and adult themes had a place in the video game market.

Chances of a reboot: 50%

Microsoft recently added Conker to their current game - Project Spark. This gives players a chance to create their own Conker adventure on the Xbox One. While, this isn't the sequel everyone has been waiting for, it does show that Conker is still relevant and with enough demand from fans, Microsoft may just revisit the franchise in the future.



Before Call of Duty started dominating the multiplayer world of video games, TimeSplitters was one of the best multiplayer shooters available.

Why it was a big deal:

The single player campaign missions were fun, but the game truly shined in it's multiplayer aspects. The game had various elements such as a map editor and a vast number of modes. There were always a lot of challenges to be completed and rewards including a large number of new characters waiting to be unlocked.

Chances of a reboot: 35%

Seeing this series return would be a great trip down memory lane, but with the market currently flooded with first person shooters - the series is likely to stay a memory.


Why it was a big deal:

Bloodrayne is one of those series that didn't really bring any new elements of gaming to the table, but it boasted a unique concept that led to a large cult following. As a vampire, armed with blades and guns, you had to fight through a lengthy third person adventure. The sequel really improved on what the original tried to do, and made swinging from poles and draining blood from enemies even more fun.

Chances of a reboot: 40%

There's still hope for the series to get a reboot, but chances are slim. Three terrible movies and the need for a development company willing to take a chance on it might have this series in the dark for the time being.


Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis - think Resident Evil but replace the zombies with dinosaurs. Both games shared terrible camera angles and stiff controls, but this only led to a more terrifying experience.

Why it was a big deal:

The game left a lasting impact on people because it continued to expand on the survival horror genre. It also gave people the chance to compete against dinosaurs - a concept most gamers loved. This was another series where improvements were made from the first game and turned the sequel into a more action based survival horror game.

Chances of a reboot: 10%

It's sad to say, but this series is most likely dead. The final nail in the coffin likely came with Dino Crisis 3. When you take the series into space with no improvements to the gameplay, you are going to have a really tough time recovering.

Which of these series would you like to see rebooted?

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    • Sharp Points profile image

      Sharp Points 3 years ago from Big Bear Lake, California

      I came here to complain if Conker's Bad Fur Day wasn't on the list. Good job haha. Awesome hub, two thumbs up for sure.