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Five things I want to See in Minecraft 2

Updated on October 26, 2014

Mods oh glorious mods, how you have made the original Minecraft more awesome and filled with diverse mechanics, than any of us could have imagined. Now Minecraft 2 is in the works and the chance to implement many of the glorious things from mods, or are greatest desires is upon us. It's monumental you see, and here in no particular order are 5 things I would love to see in Minecraft 2.

1: Water Physics
I've spent a lot of time around water in Minecraft, it's hard not to with rivers needing bridges and oceans needing cities at their bottoms. For all my love for the stuff water has always felt static. It pours out, fills with nearby blocks, and falls, but that is the extent of its physics. For Minecraft 2, it's time to ramp up water physics, it doesn't need to be water simulator 20whenever. What I'm after is something akin to finite Liquids mod, including oceans. So water will now pool, flood, and fill caverns.

2: An Evolving World

Water isn't the only thing that is static, the world for all its resources, beauty and depth remains unchanging, aside from a few creeper blast holes, unless we ourselves change it. It's nice to see our structures dot the landscape along with familiar dunes, mountain ranges and forests, but the world needs to evolve and change alongside our actions. Forests should grow, dunes shift positions, rain create new ponds if it pours heavily enough, cliff faces shear off and crumble to the ground below. Simple natural changes, that occur over time...

3: Natural Disasters of Titanic Proportions

...except when a natural disaster strikes. I'm talking asteroids, tsunamis, flash floods, volcanic eruptions, draughts, a zombie hoard, landslides, and Earthquakes. They strike and your world changes, it bears the scars of the event as the world slowly heals. Building happily in your forest, near the ocean, only to discover upon mining that the mountain nearby is a volcano, having it erupt with lava flows that cool into obsidian or form small pools of lava, having caves begin to collapse during an earthquake or new ones opening up exposing new mineral veins. It's be something to fear and look forward to at the same time.

4: Better Villages that expand into Settlements

Of course Millenaire village mod immediately comes to mind when talking about expanding settlements. It's the mod that inspired the lackluster villages found in the game today. Millenaire's mod creates growing villages, that serve as trading partners, settlements, and even gives you the capacity to start your own. Let's take this further, let's have Kingdoms rise and fall (with your help of course), settlements dig into the Earth with mines that stretch for miles, have bridges be built, a good old fashion town system.

5: Dynamic Mobs and More of them

Mobs at first strike fear into your heart and haunt your nightmares. They've evolved from simple spawn roam and attack to have simple behaviors and area detections, but after a few days in game when you have walls, doors, bunkers even, built and you are sporting armor and decent weapons they cease to be intimidating. Hell they even become harvestable resources when you isolate a spawner or build a mob tower.

Let's make mobs a problem once again. Mobs should have an impact on the world, even your constructions. Spiders build webs between trees, grow in numbers as they eat and expanded stock of peaceful mobs. Skeletons rise from dead enemies or from areas where a lot of mobs have been killed, inhabit abandoned buildings, caves, and forests. Cave spiders cover caves in spider webs themselves, not as a decoration around their spawners, but as things that trap players. Mobs have a real presence and clearing out a cave or exploring a ruined settlement becomes more rewarding and challenging.

Those are Five things I want to see in Minecraft 2, what comprises your list?


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