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8 Tricks to Increase Your Flappy Bird High Score

Updated on February 17, 2014
Get ready... for the most stressful 30 seconds of your life.
Get ready... for the most stressful 30 seconds of your life.

The Most Dangerous Game

Simple. Addicting. Frustrating. Infuriating. The mobile game "Flappy Bird" has recently exploded in popularity, and its premise is simple: tap the screen to keep a fat, big-billed bird aloft and avoid the green pipes that cross your path. Though the gameplay is simple, it is one of the most difficult, maddening games out there.

Although you can no longer download Flappy Bird from the App Store (the creator has pulled the game), chances are you already have it downloaded. If not, there will surely be many knockoffs surfacing in the next few weeks, and this guide provides tips for any game of this genre.

Read on, and prepare to be the best flyer around!

1. Aim low

If you only use one tip, use this one. Keep the bird flying relatively low when approaching a pipe, as it's much harder to avoid hitting the top of the pipes than the bottom. Keep the bird level with, or slightly below the pipe you're approaching and tap at the last second. Just make sure you don't brush against the rightmost edge of the bottom pipe on your way out of the gap.

2. Disable ads

Ads are distracting and can make the game freeze or become choppy. Simply disable wifi while playing to take away the pesky popups and you'll focus much better.

3. Get into a rhythm

It takes a while to get a hang of this game, so don't expect a high score on your first try. In fact, you'll probably get no points at all the first time through.

Once you've played a few games, you'll start to get a feel for the rhythm. Basically, you need to figure out the speed to tap to keep the bird at a consistent height, and then adjust accordingly for different heights of pipes.

4. Focus on the pipes, not the bird

This tip may or may not be helpful for you, but it's proven useful for some. Since the bird moves at a consistent speed, you really don't need to pay much attention to it-- it's much more important to focus on the height of the upcoming pipes. Always be looking ahead. Sometimes the only way to make it through the next pipe is to start preparing as you're passing through the previous one.

5. Stay relaxed

Without being relaxed, both mentally and physically, you're destined for failure. Make sure your hand is as relaxed as possible to avoid cramping and tension.

Keep yourself mentally calm. It's easy to get insanely irritated at this game, but that's all it is -- a game!

Also, DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE! It seems obvious but it's easy to end up holding your breath as you concentrate.

6. Try playing on a tablet

If you have access to a tablet instead of a phone, play the game there. Obviously this isn't always an option, but if you have the chance a larger screen gives you a big advantage.

7. Eliminate distractions

Be aware of what distracts you. Do you need total silence to focus, or is some background noise essential for you? The most basic change you can make is to turn the game's volume off or on. I personally find it easier to focus with it off, but that may not hold true for you.

If you're with others (though if you are, stop being rude and put away your phone!), make sure they don't lurk over your shoulder. Nothing makes a game difficult faster than someone watching. Don't try to multitask with this game -- holding a conversation while playing probably won't help you focus.

8. Take a break

This is essential. Keep your mind and hands fresh by taking a break every now and then, no matter how badly you want to beat your friend's score. You'll find that when you come back to the game you'll do much better.

I find that doing something intellectually stimulating improves my gaming abilities, so try using your break to play an instrument, learn something, read a book, or solve a difficult problem. Your mind will be sharper and more stimulated when you return.

Good luck!

I hope some of these tips will prove helpful. Go out and play some Flappy Bird, beat your friends' high scores and make them jealous of your tapping expertise! Don't forget to brag about your high score in the comments below.

And if all else fails, check out this video for a cheat. Happy flapping!


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