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Flight, Free Paper Dart Flying Game

Updated on December 25, 2010
For more flights of fancy, visit:
For more flights of fancy, visit: | Source

You know what the problem with paper darts is? They're all papery and they have a tendency not to circumnavigate the globe with you, having all sorts of whacky adventures. Instead they tend to loop up in the air and then hurtle back towards your face with their viciously heavy pointy ended tips that want nothing more than to put your eye out. It's safer playing with paper darts online, and surprisingly, it's almost as fun as creating your very own paper aircraft.

The premise of Flight is simple. You pick up the dart and you throw it. If you throw it high enough and with a pleasing parabolic arc, you'll hit all sorts of good things in the course of its flight path and you'll end up with points that enable you to buy upgrades which will of course make your paper plane all the more awesome. It's elementary, my dear Waston.

Allow me, if you will, to run through a few of the upgrades available to you, the amateur airologist brimming with all the excitement of a new born lamb scenting a fence for the first time. For $30 you can make your airplane lighter, which means that it falls more slowly and therefore stays aloft for longer and collects you more points, which you can then turn into more upgrades, thus continuing the existential grind towards completion.

If you've got $80 to spare, you gain rudder control over your plane. Unfortunately this comes at the cost of fuel economy. Will you spare distance and fuel for the ability to go where you please? Is freedom worth the cost? These questions are more deeper than any of us may ever have supposed.

For $130, you can buy a fire engine, which isn't anything like it sounds at all. This is not a mini game devoted to putting out fires, this is an engine of fire that will boost your plane in flight, as an engine might very well be expected to do. The fact that an engine made of fire would probably destroy a paper aircraft is not a concern that the game takes seriously.

There are many upgrades, more than time and common sense permit me to expound upon, but I shall leave you with one last upgrade, the ineffable 'Mystery Upgrade', which shall remain for now, a mystery.

Flight is a very pleasing little online game that will bring you at least thirty minutes of unbridled childlike joy, perhaps more if you happen to have more than half an hour in your day to devote to pretending to throw a paper plane.

Play Flight!


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