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For Honor: The Definitive Medieval Combat Experience

Updated on September 28, 2017

For Honor? What´s That?

For Honor, is one of the newest products of the popular gaming company "Ubisoft ". Released on February 16, 2017, available for Ps4, Xbox One, and Pc platforms. in This title, Ubisoft introduces players to an absolutely new fighting system never seen before in a game. It brings a brutally dynamic world of combats where players must use logic and skill in order to defeat their foes and rise as victorious.


Conquer The Battlefields

In For Honor´s multiplayer mode players select a faction to fight for, users can choose between Samurai, Vikings, and Knights. But don't worry, this choice will not limit the playable characters available for choosing. Each faction owns a preset number of territories, that can be increased working along with your faction members to defeat the owner in the “war map". But be careful; you will also have to defend your territories from the enemy attacks.

Extremely Competitive Gameplay

One of the main things you have to know about For Honor makes reference to its competitive gameplay: players fight with each other to be the winner of the current season to get in-game rewards at the season's finale. For Honor is actually ending its third season. The title still has many features being developed to improve gaming experience and bring many surprises. Because of that reason, many people think that in future seasons we will be able to see For Honor as a new real E-sport.

Different Multiplayer Game Modes

There are several ways to enjoy this game, alone in its single-player campaign, or jumping in the main course, multiplayer. For Honor offers 5 game modes in its multiplayer approach. From the 1vs1 duel mode where you test your skills against another warrior to 4vs4 dominion games, where players must cooperate in order to gain or maintain the ownership of a fortress. Despite individual game skills, teamwork turns imperative in order to win these battles. Finally, there is the competitive duel tournament where players will fight 1vs1 duels in order to win special prices. In this game mode Ubisoft introduced the ranking system: after fighting 20 combats, the system will statistically calculate the ranking of a player from bronze to master ranks depending on player skills.

Different fighting styles, for different players

This brand new game franchise offers a variety of characters to play with, each of them has its very own fighting style: from the raider, a two-handed ax Viking warrior who brawls his enemies with a combination of heavy blows; to a slippery Shinobi who defeats his foes using his agility and subterfuge techniques. These and more warriors are waiting for you to raise with glory.

Characters Preview

Character Customization

All and each one of the characters introduced in the previous video can be customized. Players can modify characters in most of the aspects, from their gender and equipment to the celebrations when they win. making possible for players, to give their favorite character a look that identifies them.


Hardly Strategic And Intuitive Combats

In combat, just throwing and repeat the same attack over and over again will never work. Each hero has a different playing mechanics and its own way to defeat all other characters, so don't worry if you can't beat one at the first, it takes practice. Considering that, players must practice to know his own character, think logically and create a game plan to face each kind of enemy, cover its own weaknesses and highlight its skills.

Make Their Heads Roll.

After winning a combat you can execute your enemy with an outstanding attack sequence. Leaving the way how your foes die at your choice, will you let your opponent die with honor? or will you humiliate him with a visually amazing execution sequence?


But Nothing Is Perfect

One of the main issues of this title is its monotonous soundtrack. Music on this game does not catch you; it doesn’t immerse the player in its world as other games, like the elder scrolls: Skyrim, that makes you feel you are directly part of the action.

My Personal Opinion

For Honor seems to be an amazing game. Its combat system, its character design, and its competitive game style make this title a jewel for fighting games. As I said before, this game offers the player, the most intense medieval combat of the date. Personally,

I see For Honor as a must buy for all fighting games lovers, if you give it a try, you will not regret.

4 stars for For Honor

do you enjoy For Honor?

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