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Forsaken World- Free MMORPG -Review

Updated on June 8, 2012

Game Description

Forsaken World was released in early 2011 by Perfect World. Since then the game has experienced two major content updates and is forever evolving. The game takes place in an indiscriminate time and fantasy location. Leveling occurs relatively fast until level 70 or so. The current level cap is 80 so you can nearly get to the end before seeing a noticeable slowing down. You will predominantly level through questing as grinding to level isn't much of an option. However, FW offers afk training where you can buy and farm special items to help you gain experience while logged in and not playing.

Much of FW is also centered around your guild. Without a guild you cannot get higher level potions, crafting items and recipes. For this reason it is important to research your guild carefully to look for one with a built up base to best suit your needs.

Female Dwarf Marksman
Female Dwarf Marksman


Currently there are 8 playable classes across 5 races. Each character has limited customization options. You can choose from around 6 different faces, hair styles, skin colors and flare options for each race.


  • Human
  • Kindred
  • Dwarf
  • Stoneman
  • Elf


  • Bard: The bard is a very interesting character. As you attack you weave notes into chords. This chords give off different buffs. All bards are elves. Learn more about the bard.
  • Mage: The mage is pretty self explanatory. In FW it is the main AoE class and can be water, fire or wind/lightening. Mages can be kindred or human.
  • Protector: The protector must be male and is the only class for stonemen. This character is a huge beastly tank capable of stunning any foe into submission if specced for it.
  • Vampire: A vampire is the best soloing class in the game. You can dps better than most classes, aoe fairly frequently and heal. Vampires are always kindred.
  • Warrior: The warrior relies on stances to aid in their defense, health or attack. In later game your warrior tends to either be a tank or dps depending on which tree he decides to take. Warriors can be human or elf.
  • Priest: Priests are the best healers in the game but can also act as insane dps and decent aoes. Priests are either elf or human.
  • Marksman: As the only dwarf class these little guys are pros with technology. They utilize guns and special bullets to mow down their foes often in a single hit.
  • Assassin: Sins are often considered the highest dps and best PvP class in the game. While I strongly disagree with this theory it is true that a sin's stealth and crit chance are hard to overcome in battle. Sins can be human or kindred.


Forsaken World features a sophisticated auto-tracking system that makes playing while cleaning the house a breeze... not that I do that often but I do need to do laundry sometimes! You can also move by clicking to move or by using your 'asdw' keys.

Attacking is done predominantly by tabbing to a mob and keyboard rolling over your hotkeys. If you're feeling incredibly lazy, and are over level 60, you can also turn on your in game kill bot and just go to town.

Each class has three skill trees to choose from. Some classes can get away with a hybrid but the rune system is probably your best bet for crossing into another tree's skills. The rune system also allows you to passively add points to hp, mana, defense, evasion, attack, crit chance, etc. etc.

Afk Area
Afk Area

Various Available Items

One of the more fun aspects is all the fun little things you can add to your character. There is a wide array of fashion, mounts and pets. Flying mounts were recently introduced and it is expected that those too will become numerous.

Although many of these items appear in the cash shop they are available to everyone. You can choose to exchange gold for leaf (the shop money) or buy directly from other players.


FW has several servers offering the flexibility to play as PvP or PvE. On PvP servers you can begin attacking other people at level 30. When attacking another player you can opt to use wrath. Hitting a player with wrath turned on will cause orbs to fly out of your opponent. Collect these orbs to hit exponentially harder. Gather enough orbs and you will get redhand. Most classes with redhand are able to one-shot fairly matched foes.Additionally, the more opponents you attack with a white name, the darker red your name will become. When you have pink or red name you become increasingly likely to drop something out of your bag. Fortunately, the gear you wear is all bound along with many important items. So essentially, if you only carry bound items in your bag you can PvP with little recourse.

On a PvP server only afk areas and safe zones will leave you immune to attack. Since the newest update even this may not be true as guards will now attack people with red name. Some towns are safe, others are not. Going red named also causes you to lose gear durability. My main character's gear begins to break after three deaths because her gear's durability is so wrecked.


  • Good graphics
  • Enjoyable instances
  • Wide variety of character improvement techniques
  • Relatively low computer requirements
  • Frequently updated
  • Great auto-tracking system
  • High player-rate


  • Cash shoppers pawn in PvP
  • Slow leveling after 75
  • Limited character customizations
  • Some dislike new botting system


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    • Daretodeviate profile image

      Daretodeviate 5 years ago

      I love Forsaken World. Perfect World Entertainment's best game. I just started playing again. Yesterday actually. Only game Ive ever spent money on. Great review, really informative for newbies.