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Forge of Empires Review and Beginners Guide

Updated on July 6, 2013
Hikapo | Source

Forge of Empires Overview

Forge of Empires is a real time strategy building and war game. You can invade lands and also build your empire to trade and become really large and powerful. There are many different play styles that you can choose.

Let's take a look at the following stuff:

  • General Guide
  • Your Play Style
  • Economist or War Monger
  • Primary Source Generators and Gaining Resources
  • War and Combat

Hikapo | Source

General Guide

Since Forge of Empires is a strategy game, you will have to decide how often you think you would me playing. If you are an active player, then you would want to build the houses that with turnover duration of 15 minutes. If you are a casual player, then a turnover duration of 4 hours is good.

Of course, the more active you are, the faster your empire grows. If you want the fastest possible growth, you will want to focus on the 15 minute houses.


Gold is the main resource of the game, It is used to build your buildings. You get them from houses.


Supplies are also vital in the game. It allows you to finish building your buildings. You get supplies from production buildings like Pottery or Hunter.


These are the most valuable resource in the game. It can be used for everything. They can be used to speed up building time, buy other resources, build buildings and more. It requires real money to buy.

Ultimately, you want to build the strongest empire that has great trading economy and strong army. However, it is always easier to focus on one in the beginning, so you will not get stuck trying to do both.

Getting Resources

Gold: To get the most out of your empire, Stilt Houses should be your primary focus for gold until you get to Iron Age. Then Roof Tile Houses will be used in Iron Age.

Supplies: I suggest building several potteries. They are your best supply generator until Bronze Age. Be careful though. If you do not collect your supplies after a while, they will decay and you will lose your supplies. So do not forget to collect them after it is done.

Military Buildings: You can build barracks and go attack neighbor lands to attain resources. I highly suggest that you build 2 barracks that are upgraded to hold four units. That way you have a defensive army that can protect your town from the lost of buildings.

Happiness and the Happiness Generator

In Forge of Empire, if your people are unhappy, they become less efficient in their work. You will want to build decorations to keep them happy. Obelisks and Trees are your best bet in the beginning because they are cheap and efficient. Later on, you can build the fancier decorations when you have gathered more money. Just MAKE SURE your people are enthusiastic before harvesting, as it gives you 20% more resource.

Some buildings have to be researched before you can build them.

Here is a suggest research order for you to follow in the Bronze Age:

(1) Stilt Houses, (2)Pottery, (3)Spears, (4)The Wheel, (5)Construction, (6)Cultivation, (7)Thatched Houses, (8)Smithery, (9)Slingshots, (10)Chalets, (11)Horseback Riding, (12)Phalanx, (13)Paths, (14)Siege Weapons, (16)Teaching, (17)Brewing, (23)Manuring

Hikapo | Source

War and Combat

When you start out, the obvious choices for your army are spearmen and slingers. Spearmen are extremely cheap and can be replaced easily. They suffer from retaliation damage since they are melee. Have a mix of spearman and slingers is a good combo. Slingers are ranged, so it can help reduce some casualties.

When you get to Iron Age, you should unlock Archers as soon as possible. These bad boys have nice damage in the early stages of the game, hence giving you an advantage in battles. They are great and efficient up to Middle Age empires. They are highly valuable in continent maps. Some maps are almost impossible without the archers.

Battles are relative easy for you to control. It is a grid map which your troops can move every turn. It is rather similar to Heroes of Might and Magic battles. Your goal is to defeat your enemies with the least amount of casualties possible. Melee units get retaliated while ranged does not. That is why archers are extremely valuable.


Hopefully this short guide helped you clear up some basic elements of the game. I will be adding on more guides as I progress further along the game!


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