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Forsaken World Instance Guide- Fort Rotulor

Updated on August 25, 2013

Fort Rotulor Map


Fort Rotulor Basics

Fort Rotulor is an introductory instance aimed for players 15-20 and the party settings (hotkey T) usually has a low wait time compared to other instances open all the time. Filled with 3 kinds of mobs, levels 15-16, and 2 main bosses, it shouldn't take you too long if you have a couple high level players to help.

The instance location is near Twilight Town, North of Freedom Harbor. The NPC next to him also has one of the side quests, if you haven't already obtained it you might want to pick it up if you are entering that way instead of party settings.

Even with all low level players, this instance isn't difficult as it is mostly to get people used to using a party and completing instances.

How to beat Fort Rotulor Bosses

Fort Rotulor has two normal bosses inside of it as well as a side boss for any party members that have a side quest "Sisterly Love", obtained from the little girl outside the instance location.

First is Duo- Level 17 and normally floating in the middle of the map. He will attack if you get too close so make sure you don't try to go at it alone. Just keep beating on him until he dies.

The last one is Deborah Lilith- Level 18 and attacking her brings all the mobs left alive to her and attack your teammates. She transforms into a spider when you get her health below 50%, but it doesn't give her any new abilities.

Fort Rotulor Side Quests

There are 4 quests tied to this quest. One is obtained inside the instance, by a little green lizard that randomly appears in the entrance. Another is obtained from an NPC right next to the entrance, get it before you go in or after you complete your first run.

Rum is obtained from Wott the Drunkard in freedom harbor, he wants you to get a bottle of rum from a Storm Pioneer. All that requires is dealing the most damage to a Storm Pioneer (one of the mobs in the instance).

Sisterly Love is the quest obtained from the NPC outside the instance but by where you enter. It adds a new boss to the instance when you talk to her brother, defeat him and then talk to the NPC to complete the quest.

The Price of Art is another one obtained from Freedom Harbor, this time from Baron Savrenie (you may know where he is if you did any of the Tavern Quests). You get a Footprint card for this and all you have to do is kill Deborah Lillith (the final boss).

Azur's Mum is the last quest, obtained from a randomly appearing green lizard inside the instance entrance. All you have to do is kill Deborah Lillith and then talk to the lizard again to finish it. (make sure you remember to finish the quest as Azur might not appear next time you enter).

Fort Rotulor Achievements

There are 4 achievements on this instance, completing all 4 grants you a title.

First is Trip at Fort Rotulor, you only have to enter the instance once for one part and 5 times for the other part.

Next you have Trust, Finish the Sisterly Love and The Price of Art quests to complete this section.

Mama is the next one, complete Azur's Mum 3 times total. This may take you many tries as it is a randomly spawning NPC.

Adventurer of Fort Rotulor is last, all you have to do is gather both cards from the Fort itself (one is rolled when you defeat Deborah, the other I believe is from Harbor Guide quest) and complete the Fort Rotulor in 5 minutes. To do that, you have to go after Deborah right away, bring high level people (use the recruit items if you can or ask guildmates).

Fort Rotulor Plant Locations

Peace Lily is the only plant available in this instance. 4 spawn locations are around the map, shown on the map at the start of this hub. One is behind the guard for the Sisterly Love quest, another is on the left corridor by the entrance side, and the last two are on either side of Deborah's spawn point near the pillars.


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